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The Terms and Conditions for Your Online Courses, Memberships, 1:1 Services



One word that causes 100 different emotions in 100 different people.

As a business owner, you need one for your products and services.

And the best contracts NEVER need to ever see the light of day because they have done their job - bring all the expectations to the surface and everyone knows what is going on. 

Kajabi has made our lives super easy when it comes to adding our purchase terms to our offers. One of the quazillion reasons that people who are ready to DO business use this platform. 

Why do you need a contract? Plain and simple. You have expectations 

  • on how your content can be used;
  • on when you want to be paid;
  • on where you want legal actions handled;
  • on what can and can't be done in no less than 50 situations when it comes to your business

How do you put your contract or purchase terms into Kajabi?

Kajabi has made it SO easy.

It's freakishly easy and at the same time totally legally sound (gets this attorney's solid endorsement!) and just like...

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Using Kajabi to Help Your Network Marketing, MLM, or Customer Direct Business

Please always follow any of the guidelines that the company you've partnered with has laid out. 

Building a Team

Consistent continual communication makes for solid teams. When you are building your business you need a solid support structure so that you can focus on getting the right information out to your people when they need it so they can take action.

If you want to not be tied to your phone posting, linking, and replying to questions all darn day - Kajabi to the rescue! 

Just imagine having all your content organized, all your people in one place, being able to see who has made progress, who might need a bit of encouragement, easily uploading new content, communicating easily (and automatically) ... so you can enjoy the life you are intentionally creating and having time to nurture the relationships that matter in your life and business. 

How Kajabi provides a solid solution for helping you provide the team support you crave. 

1. Single location for...

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Canceled all this when I bought Kajabi 3 years ago


Chris and I on Facebook live and Sofia had a great question that came out of it 

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website. Let's pull this apart and talk about what that really means. 

There are more tools and expenses when running your business so I'm focusing on what you can cancel/eliminate with Kajabi. 

  • Before Kajabi - roughly monthly fees $ ______
  • After Kajabi - you're looking at _____ (depending on current pricing you're likely at $100-200 for the basic plan)

Online Courses

  • stand-alone courses, membership sites, onboarding experiences - all of these are included in this section. 

Share what you know. Make money doing it. My husband, Chris, and I wrote Easy As PB&J for our friends worldwide to share with them how we took parts of our life journey and with Kajabi digitized that knowledge into online courses that others buy from...

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How to Clone a Kajabi Pipeline


"How do I clone my pipeline?"

"Can I clone my pipeline?"

"I'd really like to clone this pipeline?"

I get it and am right there with you! 

Kajabi Pipelines

Historically a funnel was used to bring people who knew nothing about your business through an exact process, designed by you - the business owner, to get to know about you, like you, trust you, and then buy from you.

Kajabi changed the game when they added PIPELINES to the list of unparalleled tools available in the Kajabi app. 

With the click of a button you can create a solid and exact process to nurture the relationship with your soon-to-be buyers of your goods and services. 

Just take a look at the PIPELINES you have to choose from and the possibilities of each are outlined below. 

Let's take a quick peek at each of the Kajabi Pipelines: 

  • Traditionally used to deliver a standard one-dimensional .pdf file now you can do so much more!
  • Deliver a video, an audio, a free product strategy...
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Kajabi Math Souped-up Mercedes for the Price of a Stripped-down Civic


Why is Kajabi so expensive?

Have you heard this:

  • "I'm thinking about Teachable."
  • "Kajabi is too expensive."
  • "Must be nice to be able to afford to use Kajabi."
  • "I'd love to get Kajabi but it's too expensive."

If you've said one of those sentences to yourself or overheard a friend saying it from within the digital halls that we all wander around daily - give me a chance to show you why Kajabi is too expensive is a myth. 

Kajabi is the most affordable purchase for your online business.

How many transactions are you making in your business?

Take a look at last year's tax return or the previous month's expenditures - what are you spending adding up all the tools you need to operate your business. 

  • I thought about making you a fancy worksheet - you don't need one. I do have this one that is what I use as a general worksheet and am happy to share it with you. 
  • I thought about giving crazy guided instructions - you don't need them. 
  • Here's what you do...
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How are you keeping your business card out of the trash?


So many of you are using business cards and there are really smart ways that you can remove unused traditional elements and replace them with stronger read magnet elements.

Your business card is a read magnet - did you know that? Are you treating it like one?

As a read magnet, it is exactly like a blog post, a vlog, a YouTube playlist, or a quiz. So you must keep in mind as you are designing it what is your NP2NYC journey? Everything comes back to your NP2NYC journey.

Your business card most often lands in the hands of cold traffic and it needs to provoke action to move that person to the next step - your lead magnet: opting into your pipeline, scheduling a call, taking a quiz, or whatever you have set up as the next step in moving forward with you and your business.

Is your business card provoking action?

Whatever your lead magnet is, your business card (the read magnet - the North Pole and cold traffic) needs to provoke that action. That is really important. Ot,herwise you're...

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Kajabi Review after 2.5 Years


Curious about Kajabi?

Wondering if it is the solution that you've been looking for?

Well, I'd love to share with you my review of Kajabi after using it every single day for the past 2.5 years. I fell in love with Kajabi over the first 3 days I had it and can now say after 2.5 years - I know I made the best decision for my family, my life, and my business when I moved my entire business over to Kajabi. 

But your life and business are different from mine and so I'm giving you access to a couple of worksheets that I use in my own business when I need to decide what to use and what to leave in the shiny bucket. 

You can try Kajabi and take a free look around with the trial before the trial by taking a peek inside the free product that I've created to get a taste for what your customers, clients, and users would experience if you were to use Kajabi as your home for your knowledge commerce business. 


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Outsourcing Jobs at Home: Meal Prep + Clean-up

How high of a priority is time freedom in your life?

In part 2 of the 4-part series, Outsourcing from the Inside Out, we're continuing on from leaving the meal planning to the kids, and tackling meal prep and clean-up. 

Around here we keep it simple 



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