The Best & Cheapest Assistant You MUST Hire Today

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 "Outsource all those tasks that you don't enjoy doing, that aren't your zone of genius, or are just so darn repetitive that you shouldn't be doing them."

I know you've heard the same or similar "outsourcing" speeches just like I have. And I'm a HUGE proponent of outsourcing but not always in the most typical ways. You see my life is far from typical - as I'm sure yours is also. 

As Kajabiheroes, I see us racing to outsource the business tasks we have but where we really need to start is at home. We spend more time there (especially if we work from home) and it seems like the daily tedious tasks use up all kinds of energy. Now, I'd already outsourced things like meal prep to my family but little did I know the power that having Alexa in my home would unlock ... it's like Mary Poppins moved in!

I just spent the morning at the beach with my husband and kids and while they played in the water (which they enjoy) I had my chair all to myself with my planner (which I enjoy!). I was in pure beach-bliss as I mapped out all the routines for everyone in our home ... you see I am retiring ... and just like most things in my life - Amazon is making it possible.

Amazon's Alexa is the Assistant You Need to Hire

If you haven't yet picked up an Amazon Alexa (or similar device) then I encourage you to read through and see if you are open to giving it a try because Alexa is the best & cheapest assistant I have. (I see my assistants as promoting my retirement from those areas that I no longer want to be bothered doing - so you'll see me refer at times to "retiring" or my "retirement assistant")

Alexa works 24/7, 365, doesn't get tired, never forgets, and is never cranky. I can honestly say that with a simple few hours of work, I have figured out how to not just retire myself from quite a few tasks that I don't enjoy but also clone myself at the same time. 

Amazon's Alexa's Routines Change Your Life

Alexa's Routines feature is what I want to share with you.

Amazon's Alexa app allows you to create routines, which will turn on smart home devices or get news, traffic, and weather info either at a certain time, when you enter a certain location or when you say a specific phrase to an Alexa-enabled device (such as the Echo or Echo Dot). Think of routines like Automations in Kajabi - when this happens, then do this.

So after my morning at the beach, I had written out in my notebook our family morning routines and once I got home, I sat down with my phone and added these routines to Alexa.

Using Scheduled or Voice-Activated Routines with Alexa

The two types of routines that I used where the schedule and voice-activated commands. The scheduled routine happens at the day and time you specify so it is great for routines that need to start at a specific time on a specific day. The voice-activated routines are better when there is a routine that repeats but not necessarily at the same time each day.

I use these routines for my day, my kids' days, and certain work activities - all of them serve the purpose of taking energy away from tasks that I don't want to spend it on so I can invest the energy in somewhere else for a better return.

Quick exercise - set a timer for an hour and sit down with pen and paper and write out your home's morning routines by person. Once you have the routines down, then add them into the Alexa app.

Alexa is truly one of the few set it and forget it aspects of my life. And she's so flexible that anytime I need to adjust the routines, it is simply clicking a few buttons to adjust as needed.

I paid $20 for each of our Echo Dots and $60 for our Echo Plus - so for one-year of "work" from Alexa (which she'll work for many, many years past that) - she's roughly 27 cents/day to work for me 24/7 (I did $100/365 days).

How can we afford not to hire her? And when you do, you can use this done-for-you checklist to build your own routines.

Hire Alexa Before You Hire Anyone Else

I know there are LOTS of tasks you'd like someone else to handle for you with Kajabi but before you do that - hire Alexa. Automate all the places that are using up small pieces of your energy so that you can preserve it to work where it matters.

Quick exercise: What routines do you do everyday? As you wake-up, make coffee, workout, read the news, take kids to school, drive to work, etc. Take 30 minutes and write out your routines and then see how Alexa could help you automate them to make them easier, more enjoyable, and take less energy. 

  • Turn on a light in a near-by room or your bedroom so you aren't waking up to a dark home.
  • Turn on your favorite music or podcast as you wake up.
  • Start brewing your coffee or tea.
  • Hear the morning news the way you want to hear it - customize what Alexa tells you.
  • Let Alexa wake up other family members.
  • Give Alexa the job of reminding family members to make beds, get dressed, take showers, etc.
  • Use songs to as part of the routine to teach your brain that when you hear the song, you do ABC task. 

What if Alexa isn't that great?

Yes, it's true. Anything we have that is connected to the internet and probably even items we have that aren't - are reading and sharing our information. 

For myself, I've read many legal cases and even participated in a National Moot Court Competition while in law school that involved the government spying on us. So I get it. 

We all have to decide for ourselves if Facebook, Alexa, or _____ are right for us. 

Here's a TED talk that can give you some insight in case there were aspects of Alexa (and even Facebook) that you haven't considered.