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What is the ONE thing you need to do in Kajabi today?

Where do I start with Kajabi?

If you haven't yet seen the North Pole to New York City Method (NP2NYC™ Method) then start there. I promise worth all 20 minutes of your time. Every single piece of Kajabi falls into the tight container that is NP2NYC™. 

I read a combination of books about four years ago in anticipation of becoming the mom of two - Essentialism and The ONE Thing. 

If you haven't yet read the book, the ONE Thing by Gary Keller, I can't recommend it more highly. It is one of the core books of my life and for the simple fact that it brings our attention to what is the one thing if we did it, it would minimize or eliminate everything else.

This concept is so important when we are building our business in Kajabi, we're not building a hobby or trying to recreate a job. We are makers, we're creators, we are building a business in Kajabi.

So let me ask you, what is the one thing that you need to finish or focus on in Kajabi that will minimize or...

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How are you keeping your business card out of the trash?


So many of you are using business cards and there are really smart ways that you can remove unused traditional elements and replace them with stronger read magnet elements.

Your business card is a read magnet - did you know that? Are you treating it like one?

As a read magnet, it is exactly like a blog post, a vlog, a YouTube playlist, or a quiz. So you must keep in mind as you are designing it what is your NP2NYC journey? Everything comes back to your NP2NYC journey.

Your business card most often lands in the hands of cold traffic and it needs to provoke action to move that person to the next step - your lead magnet: opting into your pipeline, scheduling a call, taking a quiz, or whatever you have set up as the next step in moving forward with you and your business.

Is your business card provoking action?

Whatever your lead magnet is, your business card (the read magnet - the North Pole and cold traffic) needs to provoke that action. That is really important. Ot,herwise you're...

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