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PBK™, the gathering place of Kajabians worldwide delivers business, legal, and Kajabi resources.

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bizlebox™ serves business owners who want to protect what matters most. 

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Lashing Legally™ serves the lash industry with easy to use resources to protect your lash business.

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You've arrived where business, legal, and Kajabi intersect

Welcome, if you desire a scalable and sustainable business without sacrificing what matters most to you, then we should talk.

I'm Tamsen and as a wife-mom who has blended my business with my family since day 1, I know first-hand that business and legal go hand-in-hand. I want to make sure that while you are reaping the benefits of your business you are simultaneously protecting what matters most to you. That's where my unique skill set of business, legal, and Kajabi come together to serve you and what matters most to you.

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