Events for Kajabians by Kajabians.

We'd love to have you join us and you'll see there is a wide variety of events available to you. 

Can anyone attend PBK Events?

There are a wide-variety of PBK Events. Many are uniquely designed for our members and then we also have public events that you are welcome to attend. 

You'll see events designated as:

🗝 Members = available for all current members of the PBKammunity. 

🗝 PBK Gold = available for all current GOLD members of the PBKammunity. PBK Gold is for members who have reached their $50,000 Kajabihero status. 

🗝 Public = available to anyone. You'll see many of our PBK members' events in this space as well, and we encourage you to make new konnections or maybe even konnect a dear friend who would be an ideal fit for the event. 


What happens at the virtual meet-ups?

Everyone that registers for the virtual meet-up will receive the reminders leading up to the event. 

If you've ever been to a really enjoyable meet-up that's what these are like:

✅ We use Zoom and you can have your video and audio on or off, as you like;

✅ We meet each other = always fun!

✅ We ask questions about business, legal, Kajabi, marketing, getting out of our own way, etc. just like we would if we were talking in our favorite restaurant.

🚫 PBK virtual meet-ups are NOT a webinar, a disguised sales call, or anything of that nature.

🚫 That's not who we are or what we enjoy so don't expect any of that.

✈️ While we LOVE meeting in person, for a variety of reasons - we simply need the komfort and konvenience of a virtual meet-up (and then when we do meet in person - ahhh it's so much sweeter!)

🚙 No need to find parking, baby sitters, or navigate an unfamiliar city

🎉 Grab your trusty laptop, tablet, or phone and spend an hour with really kool people!


Are you going to try to sell me something?

🚫 Nope. Not my style. 

I enjoy talking Kajabi and I could do so all day long. And have designed my life so I can do just that!

I am the proud hostess of the Preneur Business Klub (PBK) and am definitely thrilled to provide information when asked. PBK Virtual Meet-ups are a time each month where we open up a Zoom kall for all our Kajabian friends so we can chat, meet each other, ask questions, and just have time to realize we're not alone in this incredibly wonderful and krazy online business journey. 

We'd love to have you join us during one of the virtual meet-ups for Kajabians! 

How do I submit my event?

All active PBK members can submit their event for display on the PBKalendar. 

PBK reserves the right to approve which events are displayed. If your event is aligned with the core values of family-style health, wealth, and freedoms - then we'll likely display it. (But there's always that one person who tries to push the envelope so we include this little disclaimer just in case.)

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