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PBK Events

PBK is uniquely designed as the gathering place for Kajabians worldwide and comparable to Virgin Airline's Upper Class, UnitedClub, or Delta's Sky Club - PBK is the space where you remove yourself from the noisy terminal of the online business world and step into the space reserved for serious business owners who have chosen to use Kajabi to create their own family-style health, wealth, and family freedoms.

Each week PBK provides experiences for our worldwide members and their guests.


Can anyone attend PBK Events?

There are a wide-variety of PBK Events. Many are uniquely designed for our members and then we also have public events that you are welcome to attend. 


What happens at an open house?

Everyone that registers for the Open House call is invited to Ask Me Anything and the questions submitted determine what happens during the Open House. 

PBK Open House is NOT a webinar. My superpower is simplifying business, legal, and Kajabi and I do that best just thinking on my feet. I don't prepare an agenda of my own and simply make myself available to help you with your specific questions. 

Are you going to try to sell me something?

Nope. Not my style. 

I enjoy talking Kajabi and I could do so all day long. 

I am the proud hostess of the Preneur Business Klub (PBK) and am definitely thrilled to provide information when asked. PBK Open House is a unique time each month where I open up my schedule to non-members so I can help you with your questions and situations in a way that I can't do even inside the Official Kajabi Facebook group as one of Kajabi's seven Ambassadors. 

I hope you'll come. Sit back and simply enjoy learning because I'm focused on teaching and sharing my experiences in the best ways that I can with you. 

Can I submit my event?

All active PBK members can submit their event for display on the PBKalendar. 

PBK reserves the right to approve which events are displayed. If your event is aligned with the core values of family-style health, wealth, and freedoms - then we'll likely display it. (But there's always that one person who tries to push the envelope so we include this little disclaimer just in case.)

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