Kajabi Design Your Membership Experience, part 4

np2nyc team tech

This is part 4 of a series of calls where we discussed viewers' questions about membership sites

  • Part 1 - gave a big picture overview of setting up a membership experience. 
  • Part 2 - walked through parts of the design process you want to address before diving into building inside Kajabi. 
  • Part 3 - walked through planning for how much content you might have in the next 5 years, drip v. locked, and other ways of setting up the content portion of your membership design. 

Step 1: What is your NP2NYC?

  • Before beginning anything in Kajabi, you need to know your sales funnel and business model. That is what NP2NYC does. NP2NYC is the foundation of your sales funnel and business model. 
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet?
  • What is your Intro Offer?
  • What is your NYC Offer? 

Step 2: What are the communications you want to send to your members?

  • Successful payment - customizing a message based not just on "thanks for your payment" but including upcoming events that are part of their membership. 
    • Ask for testimonials - you can include a link to a standalone page + assessment to build in asking for testimonials from your loyal members. 
  • Canceled account - how can you make the cancelation or leaving process for your members as good as your onboarding experience?
    • Using Automation + Assessment to provide a way for an "exit interview".
    • I've had better success with getting feedback on just sending an email asking for feedback v. sending a survey for them to fill out and send back.
  • Payment missed - a reminder on how to update their payment. 
    • 💡 Make a video for them on how to update their payment information. This way you are addressing the question, "How do I update my payment information?" and helping decrease your customer service inquiries.
    • 💡 This video could be inside your product or on a standalone page. 
  • I recommend using Trello to keep all your messages in one place. This makes it easy to copy-n-paste your messages and when you have others working with you in your business using Trello keeps you all on the same page. 

✅ Using Emojis - CTL + Command + Spacebar (on a Mac)

Step 3: Setting up Kajabi Automations

  • Once you know what messages you want to send to your members, then you can easily set up the Automations. 

Resources when you're having trouble writing emails.

  • If writing gets you stopped in your tracks, then try recording what you want to say on video or audio and then have it transcribed. 

  • Edit the transcription and voila your email is written. 

  • Rev.com 

Pricing: How did you set your fees?

  • Look at other price points that already exist in your niche or a complementary niche that your customer is already paying for. For example: if you're selling fitness, what is a Peloton class? Orange Theory? YMCA? 
  • Emotional decisions are as valid as scientific ones for sure. 
  • It is all a test kitchen, so embrace experimentation. 

Content: How did you add content to your membership?

  • Founders' accounts - they help you build out what they want. 
  • Remember that content is only one part of why someone is joining the membership. 
  • Content 
  • Community
  • Access
  • Why is your member joining? Are you delivering on the promise you made to them? 

❓ Questions ❓

Your membership is unique and based on the facts and circumstances you have please ask anytime you have questions.