How to Send Detailed Custom Receipts with Kajabi

team tech

Customer: "Can you send me a more detailed receipt so I can get reimbursed from my employer?"

You: No problem, my system sends out receipts. Just check your email and I think you'll find it. 

Customer: Thanks but I need a receipt that has my first and last name, the purchase price, the date, and all your company information along with a detailed description of the course.

You: Ok, I will get that to you right away.

  • Quickly logging into Kajabi to figure out how you can configure the detailed purchase information that your customer needs. 
  • You can't figure it out so you create a one-off detailed receipt in Word and send it over.
  • Customer is happy and you go back to what you were doing.
  • Until the next customer asks for a detailed receipt ... and then another. 

Anything that happens more than once in my world gets a solution - an automated one!

To help you keep track of what you are doing - you can use this done-for-you checklist and add it to your own Trello board forever!