Licensing Your Online Course

intellectual property

Are you selling your program to the wrong people?

I see it all the time. Kajabians that have NO idea how they are really selling to the wrong people ... and one or two little shifts and suddenly they have the right audience.

  • Selling to the kids when you really need to be selling to the parents.
  • Selling to the salespeople when you really need to be selling to the store owner.
  • Selling to the college students when you really need to be selling to the college. 


CLICK HERE to access the workbook I created to accompany the materials. There are lots of ideas going down in this video and this gives you space to write down thoughts as they show up. 

Video Breakdown

0:00 | BIG fish/little fish Licensing Model
8:16 | Q: Are there any issues with exclusivity?
10:02 | Q: How do you sell a "license" to a company maybe for 10 employees, and prevent them from sharing logins across maybe 1000 people? 
11:11 | The balancing trifecta of social, practical, and legal.
13:17 | Implementing BIG fish/little fish in Kajabi
16:48 | Q: I'm in Canada will my contract with a client hold up in the States?
20:26 | Zumba/Desire Map
29:13 | Q: Can the licensee adapt the program, and who owns that new content?
34:27 | Implementing Zumba/Desire Map in Kajabi
40:40 | Chobani/Kirkland
49:25 | Implementing Chobani/Kirkland in Kajabi
52:30 | Swoosh
1h 01 | Repurposing the functionality of affiliate functions in Kajabi

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