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What Kajabi Product Theme Should I Use?

When you're choosing a theme for your products keep in mind

  • Themes are easy to change and update so don't stress.
  • Trying one on and then trying on another is easy so don't stress. 
  • As your product grows or changes, you can adjust the theme as needed. 
  • Each theme has pros and cons and this guide is designed to highlight the differences for you. 
  • You can also download this guide for your own personal reference at any time. 



Comparison guide for Kajabi product themes by Tamsen Horton

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The Best Resources to use with Kajabi

You're starting, running, or growing a serious business with Kajabi. I subscribe to and enforce (with myself) the principle of Simplify to Amplify, or Essentialism, or The ONE Thing - however you slice it - I've been there and done that with owning multiple tools to make my business work. 

These are the tools I use and LOVE in my own business. 


Website, Blog, Email, Courses, Membership, Landing pages, ... EVERYTHING is the ONE and ONLY - Kajabi. It's all I'd recommend to my husband, best friend, and my kids so I won't recommend anything else to you. 

Kajabi Membership Sites

  • Zoom - hosting video calls with members
  • Loom - easily making quick tutorials, answering questions
  • Trello - creating, sharing, and storing easy-access checklists for members
  • Canva - making graphics, workbooks, sharing images
  • Bonjoro - sending video messages to members
  • Google Calendar - providing an easy way to share the events...
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How to Use Kajabi Community to Send Private Messages


Sending Private Messages via Kajabi Community

PBK uses Kajabi's Community (we call it PBKammunity) as a komplement to our current Facebook group and sending private messages is a great way for you as an admin to send private information to your members and also have a way for them to communicate directly with each other.

To add PBK to your day - click on the Amazon "a"

How do I set up Kajabi Community?

There are a variety of ways you can set up Community within Kajabi and here is a done-for-you checklist to make the task easier and enjoyable. 

How do I send a private message with Kajabi's Community?

It's easy-peasy!

You simply hover over the member's avatar and a small pop-up box shows up with the option to send a message. 

If you've provided the instructions to your members on how to add their location and bio to their avatar, that will also show up. 


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The Best & Cheapest Assistant You MUST Hire Today

 "Outsource all those tasks that you don't enjoy doing, that aren't your zone of genius, or are just so darn repetitive that you shouldn't be doing them."

I know you've heard the same or similar "outsourcing" speeches just like I have. And I'm a HUGE proponent of outsourcing but not always in the most typical ways. You see my life is far from typical - as I'm sure yours is also. 

As Kajabiheroes, I see us racing to outsource the business tasks we have but where we really need to start is at home. We spend more time there (especially if we work from home) and it seems like the daily tedious tasks use up all kinds of energy. Now, I'd already outsourced things like meal prep to my family but little did I know the power that having Alexa in my home would unlock ... it's like Mary Poppins moved in!

I just spent the morning at the beach with my husband and kids and while they played in the water (which they enjoy) I had my chair all to myself with my planner (which I enjoy!)....

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How to Successfully Grow an Engaged Email List (and your list is under 5,000)


"I have 100,000 people on my list." 

Does the sight or mere mention of others' numbers send your self-confidence running for the hills?

Guess what - it's not the size that counts. It's the quality or better said - the engagement - aka buying!

Because I've seen many, many businesses with lists 10,000+ that struggle to make sales because the fact is that less than 10 have ever bought anything. You see a bigger list is just that - bigger but it isn't necessarily better.

A list full of people that open, read, reply, and buy - that is what you need when you are building your serious business with Kajabi. 

How incredible would it be if your subscribers and customers opened, read, and replied to all your emails just like your best friend, mother, aunt, or grandma? Pretty cool? It's totally possible and incredibly doable. 

First, let's just nail down some common understanding so we're on the same page.  

What is email list building?

Rolodex. Catalog...

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How to use Zoom + Kajabi for Live Calls

How do I use Zoom with Kajabi to host live calls in my course?

It's super simple and this quick and easy-to-follow checklist has everything you need. 

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Celebrate the squirrels don't chase them!

Celebrate the ideas you see others doing but stop derailing your success by chasing after them. 

If you have your NP2NYC™ path laid out, then you've done the work, now follow it through to completion. 

What about the idea is appealing?

  • Creative
  • Unique
  • Complement what I am doing
  • List the specifics that caught your attention.


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What do you do if no one buys?

What happens if I open up my course, membership, and no one buys?

It will happen.

If you are in business long enough. It will happen.

But when you know that having your zero sales plan is just another layer of preparing for a successful launch, then it is no big deal.



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Are you sending an email or a magazine?

Can I use Kajabi for email?

Yes. 100% yes.

But ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different answers.

And I see answers that are (in my opinion) asking the wrong questions.

  • Can Kajabi look like my Mailchimp email?
  • Can I add all these graphics and colors?
  • Can I .....????

Are you sending an email or a magazine?

Email to me is short and sweet. Tell me what I need to know and let me get on with my day. But I've been on the receiving end of some of you emails and they aren't email - they are a whole lot closer to a magazine. So many images and colors and formatting ... gorgeous but not email.

As a business owner, it is ONE of the ways that we keep in touch with our customers and it's important in that regard but the whole turning email into a glossy magazine to me raises these questions:

  • Are the sales higher due to the glossy magazine email?
  • What is the glossy magazine email taking with regards to time and money?
  • Are there other areas of the business that if given the time and money...
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