Are you sending an email or a magazine?


Can I use Kajabi for email?

Yes. 100% yes.

But ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different answers.

And I see answers that are (in my opinion) asking the wrong questions.

  • Can Kajabi look like my Mailchimp email?
  • Can I add all these graphics and colors?
  • Can I .....????

Are you sending an email or a magazine?

Email to me is short and sweet. Tell me what I need to know and let me get on with my day. But I've been on the receiving end of some of you emails and they aren't email - they are a whole lot closer to a magazine. So many images and colors and formatting ... gorgeous but not email.

As a business owner, it is ONE of the ways that we keep in touch with our customers and it's important in that regard but the whole turning email into a glossy magazine to me raises these questions:

  • Are the sales higher due to the glossy magazine email?
  • What is the glossy magazine email taking with regards to time and money?
  • Are there other areas of the business that if given the time and money being sucked up by the email would bring in more money to the business?

If you want to send a magazine, then make it look crazy good and go with Canva or Issuu and set your communications apart from everyone else!