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After decades of work, you need an alternative. 

You're not afraid of hardwork. 

You want to make a difference and impact with your life. 

But as life happens, you now find yourself wanting to do the work you love in a different way. 

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Are you with me? 

You're oozing with skills and knowledge, you have a lifetime of life and career experience, and you still have an excitement about what you do. 

You just have this nagging feeling and thought - can you change up the HOW. Maybe it's a necessity because life has happened, or maybe it's a simple desire to upgrade your daily life. 

I totally get it. I was in this exact position myself back in 2010.

As a tax attorney with a newborn, I suddenly found myself no longer inspired to spend the next four decades chained to the billable hour. 

I had no idea what I needed but I knew I had the skills and motivation to find my solution.  

Online business was still relatively new then, and definitely way out the normal for lawyers. 

But which one of us has really lived a normal life? Mr. Google and I got to work and the rest is history as they say. 


Sitting down for coffee and you ask me, "how'd you get here?"

I imagine if I asked you the same question, you'd also have an incredibly interesting story with twists and turns and there's no short answer is there? But if you're curious how I ended up where I am - this is how - in 30 minutes. 

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