Canceled all this when I bought Kajabi 3 years ago


Chris and I on Facebook live and Sofia had a great question that came out of it 

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website. Let's pull this apart and talk about what that really means. 

There are more tools and expenses when running your business so I'm focusing on what you can cancel/eliminate with Kajabi. 

  • Before Kajabi - roughly monthly fees $ ______
  • After Kajabi - you're looking at _____ (depending on current pricing you're likely at $100-200 for the basic plan)

Online Courses

  • stand-alone courses, membership sites, onboarding experiences - all of these are included in this section. 

Share what you know. Make money doing it. My husband, Chris, and I wrote Easy As PB&J for our friends worldwide to share with them how we took parts of our life journey and with Kajabi digitized that knowledge into online courses that others buy from us. This allowed us to take our teaching and law degrees and make money for our family's future far beyond the classroom and the courtroom. 

I've provided examples of our numbers but you need to use your numbers as a comparison for whether Kajabi makes sense for you. 

To sell an online course you need:

  • a website - included with Kajabi. I canceled our hosting service, paid plugins that we needed as part of the site we used, and website theme charges) 
    • Hosting ($5.45/month)
    • Theme ($249/one time, lifetime)
    • Domain - NOT included with Kajabi ($15/year)
      • Kajabi DOES ALLOW you to use your custom domain with your Kajabi site and it is super easy to set-up. 
  • landing pages - included with Kajabi. I canceled my annual subscription to LeadPages. ($79/month)
  • shopping cart - included with Kajabi. I canceled WooCommerce and don't remember the price on that one. 
  • communications - included with Kajabi. I canceled ConvertKit, which is the service I used to communicate via email with my customers and interested people. This price is based on how many people you are sending email to. At the lowest level that is $29/month. 
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization - included with Kajabi. I canceled Yoast at $49/year.
  • Site Security - included with Kajabi. I canceled both our backup services and the security services. With influencers like Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore on Kajabi - if anything happens they are going to make sure that the issue is fixed. $99/month 
  • Content delivery - included with Kajabi. You have to have a seamless way to deliver your content to your buyers when they purchase. Prices are all different but for an apple-to-apple comparison with the content delivery of Kajabi expect to spend $100/month - by the time you add on all the bells and whistles that Kajabi comes with out of the box.  

Launch Marketing Campaigns

Once you have something to sell, you need to get the word out. Here is where you've got to factor in your time. I recommend watching Kajabi Math: Souped-up Mercedes for Stripped-down Civic pricing to see how vital it is to know what your time is worth - at a low-ball minimal wage pricing evaluation. 

With Kajabi's pipelines, a click of a button and you can create any of these in under a minute. Then you update the copy, colors, images, and make it reflect your business and then get it out into the world. 

One click to fully functioning marketing funnels - yes please!

And the best part is that those 6 done-for-you pipelines are like Legos® - you can build, rearrange, change, and adapt them for what you need. There are limitless ways you can use the building blocks of Kajabi to achieve what is right for your business. 

What would take me a week or more before Kajabi is no a matter of hours. 

  • 40 hours at $10/hour before Kajabi = $400
  • 2 hours at $10/hour with Kajabi = $20
  • Plugin your own numbers. 
    • What does building a marketing funnel take you time-wise?
    • What's your time worth?
    • What is that funnel really costing you?

Build Landing Pages

With Kajabi you have code-free drag and drop landing pages that are beautiful and ready to customize. Again think Legos® - the basic building blocks of Kajabi allow you to do what you want. Follow the laid out examples or activate your Master Builder status and design your own. 

  • I canceled LeadPages when I purchased Kajabi. (Saved $79/month)
  • And I didn't have to hook up the landing pages to the website or any of the plugin tools - time saved for me was at least 10-20 hours/page. (Even at giving myself a minimum wage rage that could be up to $200/page but at my current rates Kajabi is MORE than paying for itself just on the time saved with landing pages. 


Design the perfect website (for you!)

Your entire beautiful website in one place. Hosting included. 

  • No more plugin war (if you're using WordPress)
  • No more expensive bills from developers or designers when you want to make a change.
  • No more paying someone to rescue your site.
  • No more paying someone to back-up your site.
  • Logging in makes you smile.
  • You make your changes and then go do what you enjoy. I go to the beach.
  • No more spending hours and seeing so little for your time. 
  • And again customization is all yours!

That's my rundown of what I canceled and all that I gained when I became a proud Kajabian back in November 2015. If there's anything you want to know about Kajabi, you can message me anywhere on social media - I'm Tamsen Horton everywhere. 

Ready to give it a try - click here.