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Kajabi Math Souped-up Mercedes for the Price of a Stripped-down Civic


Kajabi is too expensive.

Must be nice to be able to afford to use Kajabi.

I'd love to get Kajabi but it's too expensive. 

If you've said one of those sentences to yourself, or overheard a friend saying it from within the digital halls that we all wander around daily - give me a chance to show you why Kajabi is too expensive is a myth. 

How many transactions are you making in your business?

Take a look at last year's tax return or the previous month's expenditures - what are you spending adding up all the tools you need to operate your business. 

  • I thought about making you a fancy worksheet - you don't need one. I do have this one that is what I use as a general worksheet and am happy to share it with you. 
  • I thought about giving crazy guided instructions - you don't need them. 
  • Here's what you do - 
    • Name the tool:
    • How much is it each month or year?
    • How much time are you spending working on customizing it, hooking it up, or fixing it?
    • How many people do you need to operate the tool? How much do they cost you financially in the time they are working on it?
    • Put the information in any format that works for you :) 

Kajabi is paid for if you pay yourself a minimum wage and work for 10 hours a month on your business. 

Kajabi is $103/month when paid annually and $129/month when paid monthly.

How many hours are you working on your business in a month? Your time is worth everything, so keeping yourself at a minimum wage - you're going to cross the payment threshold of Kajabi in under 15 hours of work/month. 

Kajabi makes you money

The tools we use in our business are investments and they need to make us money. Kajabi does that and more because it doesn't break, it's brilliant, and it's the best booster for every single activity that we do on a consistent basis.

Here's how Kajabi makes you money:

  • It is $103 or $129 a month depending on if you pay it all at once and take advantage of annual pricing and I have yet to have someone send me a list of alternative tools that handle what Kajabi handles and come in under $103. 
  • It doesn't break. I don't know if you've done anytime in wordpress but it breaks, you need stronger and stronger digital duct tape, and it's confusing so then you have to spend more time and hire more people. 
  • It keeps improving. I'm a loud and proud Kajabi Founder (and will be putting my Kajabi account in my will for my children and grandchildren ... not giving that one up ever!) And over the years, no one there has let up on the energy regarding development of making the platform perform better and allow more customization to our needs (there are a lot of us too!)
  • It looks incredible which makes me look good. When we look good we convert better sales because the look and the experience match what we are laying out on our sales pages.

If you are using anything other than Kajabi please zoom your fingers to the trial before the trial and get an all-access behind the scenes to pass to see how to get your own souped-up Mercedes at Civic pricing. 


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