Is Kajabi really worth the cost?

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  • "Do I really need Kajabi?"
  • "This other one is a fraction of the price."
  • "Is Kajabi really worth it?"
  • "Does it work like it says it does?"
  • "It's so expensive."

If you're asking yourself these questions then welcome to my brain because I asked the same questions back in November 2015 right before I took a deep breath, typed in my credit card number, and became Kajabi account #300. 

I get it. You're serious about your business. You want to make sure that the place you choose for your business is the right place.  

Evaluate your choices. 

Product/Service A (most expensive)
Product/Service B (middle)
Product/Service C (cheapest)
If money were no object, which would I choose? Specifically why?
How many products/services do I need to sell to make up the cost difference?
(A-B)/[price of my products] = ____
(A-C)/[price of my products] = ____
Where do I ultimately want my business?
Do I want this product/service?
Specifically why?
Whom do I trust that already has this product/service?
Are they an affiliate?
Would they talk about it if they weren't getting paid?
Do they have a bonus?
Does that help my decision?
What additional products/services will I need to buy to make it work? or have it "equal" one of the other choices?
Am I choosing on price or on the facts that will help me move the business to where I want it to be? See Kajabi's current pricing here

How does Kajabi compare to others?

Before you try comparing all the features of the platforms together - what are the features that are most important to you right now? You can see how Kajabi compares to Teachable here

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Email marketing
  • Quizzes
  • Coupons
  • Offers
  • Digital products
  • Membership 
  • Single products and bundled offers
  • Webinars
  • Events: one-time and recurring
  • Automations
  • Customization
  • Payment processors
  • Pipelines (aka funnels)
  • Does the company take a percentage of my sales?
  • Customer service support: availability and quality
  • Technical support: availability and quality
  • Accessibility to company team members
  • Company's commitment to the continued development of the platform
  • Company's commitment to users' success

Don't Forget Your Time

I also make sure to add my time to all my decisions.
It is one area I see too many preneurs undervaluing and one of our greatest assets.  
So here's the time calculation I use on myself:
  • Hours that this (might) take me = ______
  • Hours per year = ______ = days of my life _____
  • My hourly rate = _______
  • Cost of this product/service to me = ______
It's often hard to see how to make this work in your online business because often the answer is, "I don't know how long this is going to take." And building a brand-new Kajabi website for me is maybe 2 hours but for a newbie that might be 60 hours so it's hard to ask others how long certain tasks might take.
So let me show you how I figure this out in two basic areas: grocery shopping and making graphics.

You can't pay me to do my own grocery shopping. 

Before using - I was incredibly efficient with a quarterly rotating menu plan, groceries outlined by aisle at the grocery store - it was a beautiful science but I still had to:
  • Review the menu for the week and make tweaks as needed
  • Update the grocery list
  • Get kids into the car
  • Drive to store
  • Get kids out of car and into the store
  • Get the groceries into the cart
  • Constantly answer, "Can we get this?" and "Why not?"
  • Stand in the checkout lane or worse yet endure the self-checkout lane
  • Push grocery cart to car (in the winter in Michigan this is an aerobic feat!)
  • Put groceries in the car
  • Put kids in the car
  • Drive home
  • Unload groceries
  • Unload kids
  • Put groceries away 
I don't think I have to illustrate how much time this took (and I was on the incredibly efficient end). On the low end let's say it was 3 hours/week:
  • Hours that this (might) take me = 3
  • Hours per year = 156  = days of my life 6.5
  • My hourly rate = $500/hour 
  • Cost of this product/service to me = $1,500/week
  • But even if I low-balled my hourly rate to $20/hour that adds up to $60/week, $240/month.
After using - even with a tip to my shopper and slightly increased prices on individual items - I am coming out SO far ahead!!! 
  • Shipt membership, $99/year (I bought at 1/2 off for the first year)
  • Shipt groceries, yes, they have higher prices than if I shopped myself but I can't impulse buy so after looking at my numbers - I was coming out ahead on each order. 
  • I open my laptop.
  • I order the groceries.
  • I get updates on my phone from my personal shopper. 
  • I set the delivery time.
  • I open the door when they arrive :) 
  • I put the groceries away. 
  • Hours that this (might) take me = .5
  • My hourly rate = $500
  • Cost of this product/service to me = $250
But far more than the money - the years that has given back to me are priceless. Here's my math:
  • Hours per week for grocery shopping (the whole experience) = 3 hours
  • 52 weeks a year = 152 hours divided by 24 hours/day = 6.5 days (that's a whole week vacation for most people!)
  • I plan on living another 50 years, so 6.5 days times 50 years = 325 days added to my life - yes please!! I'll gladly take 325 days NOT grocery shopping. 
And my current hourly rate is $500/hour so multiply that by 325 = $162,500 = I have no business NOT using to give me a premium service :) I need to spend my time in my zone of genius serving the people that need me.

MY Most Expensive Graphics

Before using Nicholette's templates: I could easily spend 4 hours making one image due to being sucked into what the design should be, playing with all the distracting features, etc. 
  • Images per week = 10 (and that's the low end)
  • Time per image = 4 (might seem like a lot but you probably know what it's like getting sucked down a rabbit hole you never intended to go down)
  • That's a 40 hour week spend on 10 images (this is why entrepreneurs find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed - they routinely travel down unintended rabbit holes that take 10 times longer than they think it will take) 
  • 40 hours times $500 = $20,000 = I have no business doing this task! I need to spend my time in my zone of genius serving the people that need me.
After buying Nicholette's templates
  • Images per week = 10
  • Time per image = 5 minutes
  • 50 minutes/week
  • Less than $500 = works for me because I'm not spending time communicating to a team member what I want and paying them + time spent
  • 50 minutes in a week = doable both on a time and financial evaluation

Is Kajabi worth it?

Only you can decide that.

If you are serious about your business. You won't find a company that is more serious about helping you achieve success in your online business. 

I found my forever home with Kajabi.

Maybe you have too?