S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer

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You agonized over ...

  1. the perfect name
  2. the ideal logo
  3. the tagline that embodies exactly what you do
  4. the website design
  5. the copy for the sales page

And had no idea that there was a meticulous process you needed to go through to make sure that the name, logo, tagline you were busy building your brand around was actually going to be yours to use.

S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer is all about learning how to think like a lawyer when it comes to naming. You're in luck because you have the opportunity to learn from me - a highly creative business owner who happened to also get a law degree - my focus is on branding and business!

The steps are easy: silence, search, secure, and share but when you don't know what goes into each of them and the pivotal role they play in the safety of your brand identifiers - then you risk all the time, money, and effort you are putting into what you are creating. 

For the price of 6 minutes with an inexpensive lawyer you can invite me into your laptop and I'll walk you through each and every step that goes into making sure that the brand you are busy building your business around is there to support you when you need it to. 

What People Are Saying:

“I never thought law could be so easy to understand and implement, but Tamsen has a way of breaking down branding and trademarks - making it simple. This is a must for any online business owner. I didn’t have a single hesitation about this workshop and since attending, I have more confidence and excitement in my products images, and overall branding. What I liked best about S4 Branding was the Q&A and live feedback. An additional benefit I saw and felt after attending the workshop is that I worry less about legal stuff and have more joy in my business. Plus time with Tamsen and her peeps is always a pleasure. I definitely recommend this to fellow solopreneurs who struggle with knowing names are legally sound and what just sounds good. The most important thing you need to know about Tamsen’s branding workshop is that it’s not scary, boring, or complicated. It provides peace of mind when you follow these steps before launching your genius out into the world. ”

Jenn Vazquez, purplepenguinfitness.com

“Tamsen is the lawyer you need to button up your biz. I recommend this workshop to any solopreneur with a brand that matters to them. What I liked best about the workshop was its interactivity. Having Q&A as we went along helped me understand the material better. Since attending the workshop, I had a huge awakening of the importance of getting on top of this. Tamsen’s workshops are awesome! Love the whiteboard method of teaching and the workbook. Very polished!”

Jennie Mustafa-Julock, coachjennie.com

“I think anyone in business would benefit from this workshop. It was very helpful and eased some concerns I had. I now know when I should be concerned about starting the trademark process, and until then it’s not a worry. I also know not to go asking for public opinions about names I like for my business. The most important thing you need to know about this workshop is that you don’t need to be a lawyer or speak legal to attend and you can attend regardless of what stage your business is at. And I wouldn’t change a thing - it was all awesome!”

Michelle Cornish, Profit Coach michellecornish.com

“I was a bit hesitant that the workshop might be too generalized and that I wouldn’t get a “take home” message that was pertinent to my situation. Boy, was I wrong! I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who owns a business or wants to own a business … or to anyone who needs to name something (except a kid!). I liked that Tamsen made everything so easy to understand and gave us step-by-step instructions on where to look next and when to just give up on a name. The entire workshop was relaxed and comfortable, like we were sitting in her living room and having a chat. If you have any question about taking the workshop, just stop thinking about it and sign up. If you’re like me and want to make sure you do things the right way, this is the workshop for you! I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect! Concise, organized, and packed with valuable information. I left feeling confident knowing where to start and at the beginning of the workshop, I had no idea where to even start researching names to decide what was even a possibility. ”

Gayle Yatawara, MD Live Healthfully. Age Gracefully. [email protected]

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S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer $29.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $29.00 USD