Kajabi mini-course creators - what is your refund policy?

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Another great question from a fellow Kajabian and directed towards the mini-course creators.

What is your refund policy?

This triggers what I call a bizlebox decision.

Business and legal added together and you get bizle = biz + le

You see every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive and yes, I am a lawyer - not yours but here to help educate you on how to handle refunds from a bizlebox standpoint.

You decide the refund policy YOU want to offer. 

  • There are the standby infomercial guarantees (I like to call them) 30-day money back guarantee;
  • The one that cracks me up and I give credit to the online course world - provide proof of your homework and then I'll give you a refund. 

I'd like to give you these questions instead to answer when you are crafting your refund policy. 

Three questions to answer when creating your refund policy. 

  1. Is it going to keep you up and stressing when people had 100% access to all your content, download all of it, and then at the 9th hour ask for the refund
  2. How many hoops do you want to manage when it comes to issuing a refund?
  3. Is your goal a happy customer or the money? Trust me, you never know when someone is going to come back into your business.

Simplify what you want so you can amplify your results.

  • Complicated refund policies truly mess with you because it's your time and energy going into the process.
  • Simple policies make life easy for everyone and that keeps you happy and people happy. Happy people don't bash you.

Think about a company that you LOVE dealing with because they make refunds a breeze for you. How can you do the same?

Craft a comfortable refund policy. 

A couple of solid solutions because you are running a business and yes, there are those that take advantage but honestly having been in the online realm since 2011, I have seen very little abuse ... and remember I'm a lawyer by trade so I've seen the down and ugly that goes on behind the course doors.

  1. Use Kajabi's drip feature to hold back delivery on content and or bonus materials until after the refund policy passes. 30-day guarantee, then drip out certain content at day 40.
  2. Offer a bonus live group call or series of calls after refund period passes - works easier for open/close cart situations v. evergreen.
  3. Offer a 1:1 session for those that complete A, B, and C - this is a proactive action. If you know that people achieve better results when they do A, B, and C - then HOW can you set them up for success and provide a reward?

You decide what works for you.
Create an environment around refunds that makes your customers love you even if they are asking for their money back.

Then get it in writing!

You're going to hear the lawyer in me come out now.

You MUST have purchase terms on your Kajabi offer checkout page.

Purchase terms are not the same as your site terms. So make sure you have proper purchase terms and that is where your refund policy lives.