Legal Contracts In Business: Using Lifetime Access in your Kajabi Course

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Legal Contracts In Business: Using Lifetime Access in your Kajabi Course

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When you are marketing your course as lifetime access, keep in mind the legal consequences because every business decision has legal consequences and you want them to be positive. 

  1. Marketing v. legal - they are not the same and you need look no further than their names to know that. 
  2. Define lifetime access for you and your business. 
  3. Write out your lifetime access terms in your purchase terms. 
  4. Add purchase terms to offer checkout page. 
  5. Now you can go market that lifetime access!

Why marketing "lifetime access" is not the same as legal "lifetime access".- 00:00

Why there is no such thing as "common sense" when it comes to lifetime access - 2:00

Your course's purchase terms - 3:31

Lifetime access inside purchase terms - 4:51

What is "reasonable notice"? - 7:29

Know what you are selling - it's the course, not the lifetime access. - 8:49

Do you really want a single price with lifetime access? 12:22

Peloton's blended course + monthly access model. -16:40

Updating purchase terms. 23:30

Why you can have a no-refund policy even when you make decisions to refund certain problematic clients. 26:00

Showing where to place terms on Kajabi offer checkout pages. 29:12

Why I'm NOT a fan of refund policies that turn you into a babysitter. 33:00

Disclaimers: adding what you need based on what you are selling. 40:50

Google voice when you need a "separate" phone number. 41:50

How to turn an existing offer/course into a membership. 45:08