Kajabi Tutorial: Using Kajabi with Acuity for Coaching Calls, part 2

team tech

This is part 2 where we walked through each screen and how to navigate between Trello (checklists), Kajabi, and Acuity. If you haven't yet watched part 1 you might find that a good place to start. 

Step 1: What is your NP2NYC?

  • Before you know what to build, you have to know exactly where your calls fall into your sales funnel and business model. NP2NYC is the foundation and backbone of all the decisions you make re: your business. 
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet?
  • What is your Intro Offer?
  • What is your NYC Offer? 

Step 2: Open up the Kajabi Checklists.

  • If you don't already have a Trello account, you'll need to create one and you only need the FREE version to use the checklists I provide on the Kajabi Checklists board. 
  • Once you have your board, then watch this video to see how to copy the checklist we're using onto your own Trello account. 
  • Add this checklist to your Trello board. 

Screenshot of the Kajabi + Acuity for Paid Coaching Calls workflow. The numbers match the Trello checklist. 

Step 3: Using the Kajabi Checklist, Acuity, and Kajabi

  • Now you want to use the Using Kajabi + Acuity for Paid Coaching Calls checklist to work your way through the set-up. 

❓ Questions ❓

Please ask any time as your unique facts and circumstances may require a slight adjustment to the Kajabi + Acuity set-up and I'm happy to help in any way that I can.