Kajabi Tutorial: Using Kajabi with Acuity for Coaching Calls

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Step 1: How do your coaching calls fit into your NP2NYC?

  • If you haven't yet been introduced to the NP2NYC, then watch this. 
  • You MUST know exactly where each piece fits before you can navigate the decisions that have to be made when using Acuity and Kajabi. 
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet?
  • What is your Intro Offer? 
  • What is your NYC? 
  • As you watch this call, you'll see how we talked through different ideas and situations and once we could find the spot to place the calls how much simpler and easier the decisions became. 

Step 2: When the call is your lead magnet.

Before diving into making your call the lead magnet, please think through if there is an easier and more desirable lead magnet that you could use. As a first experience with your business, many people are quite nervous to jump on a call with someone they don't really know. 

If a lead magnet call is the best approach for you, here is one way that you can set this up. 

Please remember that with Kajabi, there are many ways to set-up the same process just like I've used my "How many ways can we get to 12?"

  • 1 + 11 = 12
  • 2 + 10 = 12
  • 6 times 2 = 12

✅ Checklist :: Use this checklist if you are using Kajabi + Acuity for a lead magnet. 

Screenshot of Kajabi + Acuity NP2NYC and lead magnet

Step 3: When the call is a paid offer.

In my experience, paid calls work much better than free calls. As you may have heard on the video, I did exactly one day of free calls and that was it for me. There are smart ways to generate leads and not be taken advantage of - you are a successful business and I encourage you that you are absolutely worth being paid for your time, insight, and expertise. 

✅ Checklist :: Use this checklist when you are using Kajabi + Acuity for paid calls. 

What do I do when I have multiple appointment types I want to offer? 

  • Follow the steps that we've laid out in order - knowing your NP2NYC is essential to building a business model that works for you. 
  • As you'll hear on the video, walking through putting each item on its own line (or runway as I like to metaphorically explain it) makes it easier to see how the different parts come together instead of feeling overwhelming. 
  • Put ideas on HOLD. You can come back to them. They are not gone. They are on HOLD. 

❓ Questions? ❓

Ask any time, I am happy to help in any way that I can.