Kajabi Tutorial: Using Kajabi for a Virtual Summit, part 3

intellectual property legal basics np2nyc

Step 1: Determine your NP2NYC

  • You must know the role that your virtual summit serves in your NP2NYC, which is your business model and sales structure. 

Step 2: Understand the key legal issues triggered by the virtual summit. 

  • Every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive. 
  • Legal triggers as part of the decision to host a virtual summit. 

Step 3: Decide your timeline. 

  • An event is driven by dates and you need to have your timeline nailed down to build out anything in Kajabi and also scheduling your speakers. 
  • Once you have the timeline done, then compare it to your personal schedule to make sure you're not scheduling right in the middle of vacations, exams, sports finals, etc. - no need to add stress to the situation unnecessarily. 

Step 4: Know your skill level. 

  • If you are a beginner, be a beginner and don't try to do advanced moves simply because one of the advanced virtual summit gurus wrote a blog post on it. 
  • For example, make 1 landing page instead of testing 5. 
  • You'll gain experience and wisdom as you execute and trying to do too much too soon is simply a recipe for stress and defeat. 

Step 5: Build the summit in Kajabi. 

  • Now you have the key parts that you need to start building. 
  • At the most basic level, you'll need: 
    • OPTIN FORM LM for the lead magnet = virtual summit sign-up
    • OPTIN LM PAGE = the standalone page that your OPTIN FORM LM lives on. 
    • THANK YOU LM PAGE = the standalone page that displays immediately after the subscriber signs up for the virtual summit. 
    • INTRO OFFER SALES PAGE = the sales page that you'll use to sell replays and access to the replays of the content. 
    • INTRO OFFER THANK YOU PAGE = the page that displays after the INTRO OFFER is purchased. 
    • INTRO OFFER = the offer checkout page where a person can buy the offer you are selling. 
    • EVENT = the virtual summit event that allows you to send emails at specific time intervals that are determined by the timeline of your event. 
    • PRODUCT = if you are following the FPS (Free Product Strategy) then the content from your summit is held inside the product and you can also sell access to this content. 
    • EMAIL BROADCAST(s) = the scheduled email communications that you'll send, most likely as the daily reminders with links and information about the day's events to the summit participants/subscribers.