Kajabi Tutorial: Using Kajabi for a Virtual Summit, part 2 Legal Issues

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Step 1: Realize that there are legal issues triggered by deciding to run a virtual summit. 

Every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive. 

Any time you are mixing others' content with your business, you are triggering legal issues and that's what I'd like to easily bring onto your radar as you are working through your virtual summit.

Step 2: Go through all the Virtual Summit, part 1 BIG picture issues. 

  • Click here to start with part 1 of this series as then legal will have more context. 

Step 3: Customize your guest contributor contract. 

  • PBK members have access to the guest contributor agreement and all the instructions that are needed to work through customizing for their event. 
  • The decisions you make as you are setting up your virtual summit provide the information you need to customize the contract (your expectations) for your guests as they are a part of your event. 


Ask any time. I'm happy to provide you any feedback I can.