All Your Firsts Start With ONE

team tech

When you are building your first Kajabi product.

First step.
First concert.
First kiss.
Firsts start with ONE.

Firsts aren't 2, 3, or 20.
Firsts are ONE.

Now if you've been following along these past few days we've been focused on picking ONE product or service. Our ONE exquisite "dish" if you will that we are known worldwide for. 

And yesterday's how to pick one thing raised another great Kajabian listener question - but what if I want to do 15 products?

I'm brand-new to Kajabi, what do I do?

Me: How long have you had Kajabi?

Kajabian: I'm on the 28-day trial.

Me: Ok, how long have you had your online business?

Kajabian: Just started.

Me: Ok ... yes, in the course of your online business career you may very well have 15 products but you didn't take your 15th step or go to your 15th concert first.

Stick to building and focusing on your first product.

It's impossible.
You had to go to ONE.
One had to be your first.

So please keep that in mind when you are full of excitement and hope.
With Kajabi you will unlock a whole new reality.
One that is living your dreams!
Kajabi makes it possible for all of us.

But we need to remember that we start with ONE.
First word.
First step.
First concert.
First kiss.
First website.
First pipeline.
First product.

And then we take more steps.
We reach new #kajabihero milestones.
But first we simplify.
Simple is one.
We simplify to amplify our message, results, and freedoms - time and financial.

Are you willing to take your first step?
Can you receive all the praise and encouragement that your fellow Kajabians will shower all over you when you post your first #kajabihero picture?