How do I pick ONE Kajabi product to build?

np2nyc team tech

How do you pick the ONE Kajabi product to build? 

Ask 10 people and you'll likely get 10 answers.

Here's how I've boiled it down.

Where do you want your next $20,000 to come from?
Not COULD come from but WHERE.
Could is wrought with choices.
Where is specific location.

What product or service do you want 1000 people to buy?

If you had 1000 people in one of your products or services, which one is it?

Not well, I could have 50 here, and 200 here, and another few over there.
Which ONE?

The beauty and the beast of Kajabi is that we can do whatever we want so easily.

The tricky part is we don't always know what we want.
Or we're afraid to limit our choices and miss out.

  • So if you had $20,000 waiting for you next month, what product or service did you sell?
  • If you had 1000 people sign up for your program or service, what did they buy.

You can always expand what you offer.
You are not limiting yourself.
You are giving yourself the opportunity to reach your #kajabihero levels.
You are focused.
You are simplifying the options to amplify the message, results, and freedom, both time and financial, in your life.

When you think about $20,000 or 1000 people - feelings of excitement, hope, purpose, gratitude are going to travel with those numbers.

Why in the world would you choose your next $20,000 on something that is going to be miserable, difficult, or one your hate.

You are going to want 1000 of the most enjoyable people in your product or service.

So yes, you can choose your passion, or fix what ticks you off in your industry ... and there are multitudes of resources on all of those.

I'd recommend Essentialism by Greg McKeown or The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.

How much do you want to make with your Kajabi product?

Choose your next $20,000.
Call your shot.
Get your kajabihero pins.
Simplify to amplify.
Works every single time.

When you realize that you need to pick ONE product and build that one.