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Spring 2020 Opens April 23rd

"Imagine if you could open your Kajabi dashboard and see your NEXT #kajabihero level met while you were sleeping."

How does that make you feel?

"Imagine if you could put your computer away at 4PM knowing everything in Kajabi and your business is done."

How does that make you feel?

"Imagine if you could sit down to build in Kajabi and never had to figure out the next step ever again."

How incredible does that feel?

"Imagine not having to worry about what legal stuff you need to take care of for your Kajabi site, courses, or membership site. "

Can you imagine?

You absolutely don't have to go it alone. 

✅ Team PBK is my lifeline! I've been a part of other groups before that overpromised and underdelivered. Not this one.

✅ Tamsen consistently OVERdelivers in so many ways, you almost feel guilty for the small monthly investment. Since I am building my empire while still working full time, having Tamsen there to simplify everything Kajabi and send explanation videos to take out the guesswork is priceless!!!

✅ And don't get me started on the weekly live group coaching calls. I can't tell you enough how awesome it is to be in the presence of other heart-centered entrepreneurs each dedicated to improving the lives of others with their unique talents and gifts...it's like I've finally found my tribe, they get me!!!

✅ The energy between Chris Horton and Tamsen Horton is so much fun, peaceful, collaborative, authentic and engaging... I feel like I've known them for years!!!

✅ If this sounds like the tribe you've been searching for, get on in here!!! We'd love to have you join PBK. 

Anita Charlot
Relationship Architect Academy

Are you sick and tired of feeling

Your Oasis in the Krazy Hustle

PBK is exclusively for Kajabians. An insiders' klub where you bring your business and we take care of the rest. When you're here, you'll have members' only access to help you simplify your learning and doing so you can focus on amplifying your message, results, and freedoms: time and financial.


Kajabi is simple but it's not always easy. No more wondering what order to build, or what assets you need when building a product or a pipeline. We've got you covered. 

Kajabi Kourses


Every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive. As you build and create in Kajabi, I've got you covered with all the contracts, purchase terms, policies, etc. to keep what you're building safe and protected.

See what's inside Bizlebox™


Simplifying komplementary tools and practices so you can amplify your message, results, and freedoms: time and financial.

Kajabi Komplements

✅ Omg you NEED PBK! As with any new, shiny tool, you need the instruction manual in order to get your money's worth.

✅ Kajabi has it all and is the best platform out there! But without PBK, I'd be clueless. In only a couple weeks' time, I've finished what would have taken me a year or more on my own.

✅ I'm close to finishing my first product, landing page, building page, and website design all thanks to Tamsen!

✅ You don't need a web designer (they won't understand Kajabi anyway). You just need PBK!

Dr. Stefani Reinold, It's Not About the Food

Simplify Kajabi with Members' Only Access

When you learn how to streamline Kajabi and are no longer spending endless hours building - you can increase your freedoms: time and financial. The members' library has a variety of specialized products to assist you and all come with the access to the PBKammunity and myself (Tamsen).

Training Wheels

The A-Z, step-by-step guidance, designed to help you learn and enjoy Kajabi at your own speed. Eliminate overwhelm and confusion once and for all.

Pipeline Power

Best practices. How to think outside the box and maximize Pipelines. Quick tips and tricks to make cloning totally possible.


Never wonder again how to customize any of the currently available Kajabi themes for products, sites, or pages.

Kajabi + Acuity

Kajabi is genius for 1:1 services and Acuity blends seamlessly with it. Tips and tricks for simplifying the set up to amplify your results.

Simplify business and legal with Bizlebox™

Every business decision has a legal impact. You want them to be positive. As a lawyer, I know how to help you make sure that your membership is not only set-up correctly but also that you have it legally zipped up.

Affiliate Marketing by Bizlebox™

Before bringing anyone into your business, even as affiliates, you want to make sure you have proper vetting procedures, the correct tax forms in your hands, informed affiliates about legal advertising procedures and this content experience does just that.


business + legal = Bizlebox™ timely solutions to help you protect what matters most because every business decision has a legal impact. Having the right processes in place when creating, selling, hiring, firing, filing taxes, etc. makes all the difference in the world.

Copyright Class

Is the fear of someone stealing or copying your work product stopping or holding you back from putting up your site, opening up your store, or sharing your blog? Adding copyright class to your digital team gives you the knowledge to confidently start selling and sharing your ideas.

GDPR Solution

As an ongoing privacy law, the GDPR Solution, takes care of your immediate needs like a compliant GDPR privacy policy, opt-in language that won't land you in hot water, and how to keep your digital and physical teams compliant.

License to Thrive

It’s time to get to know licensing, affiliate marketing’s rich cousin. Whether it’s the BIG fish Little fish, Zumba/Desire Map, Chobani/Kirkland, or the Swoosh plans - you’ll quickly learn the variety of licensing models available for your ideas.

Website Notices by Bizlebox™

Your site. Your rules. UNLESS you don’t take the time to customize your privacy policy, terms, disclaimers, disclosures, etc. and then you’ve effectively placed your business in the crosshairs of potential legal headaches. 

S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer

Get your name wrong and you get to rip everything out of your business and start all over. Just ask anyone who has been involved in a trademark issue with their business. Knowing how to brand like a lawyer pulls back the curtain on the strategy and time saving techniques that historically were only known by those with a law degree.

Taming Trademarks

After S4 Branding, IF you decide that you need legal protection for your brand If you need legal protection for the name, logo, tagline, color, sound (think your Macbook) - you want to make sure you know how the entire process works. With my branding classes at your fingertips, you can stop relying on Google and well-meaning (but largely very uninformed) friends in Facebook groups.

But I'm Unique

"Sorry, you can't have your trademark because you aren't unique." Lawyer that works for the United States Patent & Trademark Office. What do you do? You login, open up your library, and have the exact answers, guides, and ability to ask questions - you don't panic because you're in Team pbk. This content experience works hand-in-hand with Taming Trademarks.

When Kajabi doesn't do it all.

There are times that Kajabi isn't the only tool or skill we need and when those times happen - PBK once again has you covered as we are HUGE fans of researching and finding the best tools and practices across the different komplementary tools for our Kajabi business.

Bot Power

One of the best relationship builders that currently exists for all of us at an incredible price point are Facebook Messenger bots. If you've been around my own bot, Ms. pbott, for any amount of time - you know how fun, engaging, and not-bothersome bots can be. You'll learn within Team pbk that we use them for all kinds of solid ways in our businesses - relationship and putting money into our pockets!


Why in the world would you limit yourself to ONE communication method? When what you really want in your hearts (and your bank accounts) is to have engaging conversations with your customers. Conversations blends all currently available ways of having 2-way conversations with others into an incredibly rich experience (hello conversations = conversions)

pb&j Gourmet

Take your course and turn it into multiple price point offerings. When you’re feeding a fleet of children you don’t make one sandwich you make multiples. That is the basis of pb&j Gourmet. Based on my book, Easy as PB&J - share what you know. Make money doing it, I walk you through how to take one piece of content and expand it into multiple price points efficiently. And don’t worry - these peanuts are always allergy free.

pb&j Life Design

Design a business that supports the life you want to live. I call this a Vacationing Life - one you don't need to escape from.

PBK Membership Design

Design your Kajabi membership experience so that it komplements the life you want while providing incredible transformation to your members.

PBK Petal Planning

A way of planning that puts your Vacationing Life at the center and not the planner. Your planning must create more freedom not less.

Mind Mapping

Simplify your ideas and amplify your results with this time-tested method of capturing and organizing ideas with mind maps.

✅ PBK is like being in a Mastermind with your best friends, biggest supporters, therapist, coach, best collective minds in business, branding, and marketing all rolled into one.

✅ It is the highlight of my week to meet face to face with this dynamic group of Kajabians. I have gained so much insight and encouragement into my business and life either directly from being coached through a struggle in my own business or through insights gained from group coaching for others. If I could only be in one group it would be PBK.

LuAnn Marlow, Dream Baby Cafe

Joining the PBKammunity

PBK is a wonderfully unique place that is part mastermind, part koaching, and a whole lot of celebrating, supporting and strategizing with you to help you develop a sustainable and enjoyable business that easily reaches the $100,000 Kajabihero and far, far beyond!



Recurring payment - cancel anytime with just two clicks. 
Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee​

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Marketing I feel good about!

In PBK, I've learned how to do marketing in a way aligned with my values way while also learning the best uses and practices for Kajabi. Tamsen's North Pole to New York City (NP2NYC™) framework is a tool I wouldn't have had, had it not been for PBK. Carmel D'Arienzo

Is PBK what you are looking for?

We'd welcome you with open arms and look forward to getting to know you and your business.

✅ I am so grateful to Tamsen Horton for creating PBK, a powerful group where we have an opportunity to connect with top notch professional women.

✅ She consistently has THE VERY BEST and Most Interesting Content and Tips to share.

✅ This is my go to virtual entrepreneurial family where I know I'm going to get feedback, my questions answered, and feel supported.

Sabrina Teekah

Endless support!

"PBK has taught me the best practices, short cuts, and tips when it comes to Kajabi. Tamsen also sorted out all the legal stuff so I don't have to worry about what I am doing. And the ideas, inspiration, endless support, and help are always available inside PBK." Andrea Devlin

✅ PBK has been a godsend for my business. As a life and business coach myself, I need a place where I’m not in charge.

✅ Tamsen provides me with a fun and safe space to ask questions, test new business ideas, button up the legalities of my work, and learn from other entrepreneurs who are doing the same.

✅ My favorite thing about Team PBK is the people. Tamsen attracts only the best. If you are a solopreneur trying to do something that matters, you belong here.

Coach Jennie, Hilda's Hub

✅ One of the best things about being part of PBK is the focus it gives me. As the sole income provider, joint-homeschooling parent, and mama to 3 kids, starting a side business is hard and there's never enough time.

✅ When I start to disqualify an idea because "that would take too long" or "this won't work with my life right now", Tamsen + the PBK members help tweak my ideas and mindset to focus on what's actionable + profitable right now.

✅ Having a group of like-hearted preneurs in my corner has resulted in me making more progress in the last 3 months than I have in the last 7 years, and I'm in awe with how the "impossible" is now within reach.

Jennifer Spooner-Hunt

"As a PBK member, Tamsen helps me with Kajabi tips and work arounds when Kajabi doesn't quite "fit." Every time we have one of our weekly kammunity kohort calls, I have yet to present something that is a problem for me without coming away with a PBK solution! PBK consistently helps me find ways to think out of the box."

Rick & Brenda White

✅ PBK teaches me to take the time to think bigger picture - "How do I want my life to feel?" "How can I use and organize all of the work that I've already done"

✅ While also reminding me to think smaller incremental goals like where are the next 20 clients coming from?

✅ It enables me to feel supported and grounded as I bounce ideas off of the group during our weekly PBKammunity Kohort and they also help me reign myself in when I have squirrel brain.

✅ It also teaches me how to use the tech - Kajabi, Loom, Trello, Zoom, etc. - all of which were completely new to me.

Tania Kowalski, Fit Mama Community

Frequently Asked Questions

PBK is a kammunity of Kajabians dedicated and ambitiously determined to grow our businesses.

PBK is a group experience while also providing individualized responses and guidance to each of our members when needed. 

For example, we have an engaged Facebook group where each member can post their questions (text or video) and receive individual feedback so they know what to do in their situation. 

I am active daily, as I enjoy and take seriously my responsibility to do all I can to help each of the PBK members based on their facts and circumstances. 

We're a kammunity who knows the names of each others' spouses, kids, and what is going on in each others' lives and businesses which really enables us to have highly personalized experiences all while in the enjoyable environment of a group or kammunity experience. 

We're all in this together for sure. 

PBK is a monthly membership. 

🗝 You may join either the spring or fall sessions each year. Spring is typically opened at the end of April and fall at the end of September. 

🗝 The monthly fee includes all PBK activities. You can see events on the calendar. 

🗝 Within PBK, the members' access library has over 20 individual courses that are specialized in the areas of Kajabi, legal, and business. 

🗝 Each week on Wednesdays we have three standing kalls that are: 

  • PBK Gold, 8:30 am EDT for those members who have made over $50,000/calendar year with Kajabi. 
  • PBKammunity, 9:30 am EDT for everyone. 
  • PBKammunity Evening 6:00 PM EDT for everyone (especially our Aussie and west coast members)

A lot. 

I enjoy being the creator and hostess of PBK and purposely designed a space where I can be readily available for the people who truly want to build sustainable and profitable businesses to support their lifestyles. 

So, you can find me in our Facebook group every day answering questions with text and videos; setting up impromptu kalls when I see a need, and showing up to make sure that the people I consider an extension of my family have what they need to reach their success. 

I do work with PBK members one on one when they need it; however my goal is that you truly maximize the very most out of your low-monthly membership fee so that you don't need 1:1 help but there are times that 1:1 is exactly what you need and I do set those up for different fees. 

Use my Kajabi affiliate link and you receive 3 months free PBK membership and I'll show you exactly how to create your NP2NYC™ which is what is required to make money in business. 

My baseline metric when building any business is that we focus on getting to $2,000/month for 3 months and that is doable if you are willing to be decisive, take focused action, and be visible in sharing what you have for sale to the world. 


Question: I'm new to Kajabi and tired of banging my head against the help desk. Is PBK helpful if I need to learn how to use Kajabi? 

Yes, this is what you need. PBK is a mixture of newbies and veterans and with our spring and fall session enrollments - we spend the time finding out where everyone is and then catering to your needs. 

I excel in teaching Kajabi in ways that you understand and also that keep it simple so you don't spend endless hours building, building, building. 

With my business and legal knowledge I also know how to show you exactly all the pieces that no other programs and membership even know to highlight so you are able to legally zip up what you are building. 

To provide you the best new member experience we want to make sure that you are able to spend time with other new PBK members. 

With a set orientation period - I'm able to help you assess where you are and where you want to be and then start you on the right NP2NYC™ path for you. 

Think of it like easing your way into PBK in the shallow end and then you're ready to start swimming with all the other members. 

And even more importantly, as PBK members stay for years - they aren't distracted by a new member questions in the kammunity. I'm sure you've been in a group where each time a new person joins the same newbie questions start all over again. 

Newbie questions are fantastic and PBK wants to make sure that you have space to ask those questions now and as you continue as a member you have space that isn't invaded by the continuous newbie questions. 


The best way to explain this is thinking about a freshman orientation experience. 

There are new member events so that you have the attention, care, and time you need to learn the crazy language that we use in PBK, get your bearings, figure out your NP2NYC, and ask any and all the questions that you have. 

To do that, there are separate new member calls weekly where we walk through the orientation content and you are also invited into the PBKammunity Kalls so you can get to know everyone. 

Once your orientation is done, you'll always have the special connections that you formed with the other PBK members who joined when you did and you'll also always be a part of the PBKammunity. 

Yes. If you don't already have access to the free Kajabi Resource Library, then CLICK HERE to get access to that library and I've organized the key videos for you there. 

There are also a variety of playlists available on YouTube and you can subscribe to my channel HERE. 


PBK is kurrently working with our new members. 

Enter your information and you'll find out as soon as we open up again. For 2020, we're tenatively planning on opening April 23rd and September 23rd.