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How does that sound? Getting that darn project off the to-do list and knowing it's done and done right. 

I'd love to add my Kajabi-genius to your world and work with you through my Blitzbuild experience. 

How does the Blitzbuild work?

Plain and simple.

We use Zoom just like we did when we talked before and I do the work while you are available for questions. 

It's a 2-day experience:

  • Day 1: 3-6PM EDT
  • Day 2: 9-12 am EDT

You'll receive a link to our private call and we'll meet there. I do the work on my end but you need to remain on the call and available for any questions I have as I'm building. 

After Day 1, I'll still be working on tying up loose ends of what was worked on that day and getting ready for Day 2. 

After Day 2, I'll finish tying up loose ends and finalizing the work from this Blitzbuild. 

I record the sessions and provide the downloads of the recordings so you have them. Provided Zoom cooperates 😊

Do you have any other times?

The times that are available are what I have for Blitzbuild. 

The ability to COMPLETE your project in 24 hours means that I need to get in the zone and go. Through thousands of hours and hundreds of clients this Blitzbuild process is fine-tuned and this is how you receive the best experience. 

I subscribe to the mindset that 

βœ… Right people
βœ… Right time
βœ… Right place
βœ… Right choice

If the times aren't lining up, then it's not the right time and that is totally good. The right time always happens!

Behind the scenes exceptions - if you decide that working with me is your answer to getting your project DONE. Please feel free to email me with the date that works for you and I am willing to see if we can align our schedules - again right place, right time and right people. Email - [email protected] 

What if we don't finish?

I always finish. 

This is my area of genius and excitement. I've never not finished. 

What does happen is as we are building - you'll have a new idea, or change your mind. That happens and it doesn't through me for a loop but it often does mean that the scope of the project changes and we'll need an additional Blitzbuild or make a modification to the current one. 

Email Sequences - this is the one area that you might not finish because I can't write the emails for you. I make sure that the emails + automations are set up properly but you might not finish writing them before your Blitzbuild. If that is the case - no worries. I'll make sure that the automations aren't turned on if the work is incomplete, and then when the work is done, you let me know and I turn all the automations on properly.

How much is the entire Blitzbuild?

Helping you get the very best help for your Kajabi project is my priority and I've designed a variety of ways that you can add my Kajabi-genius to your team.  that. 

The entire Blitzbuild is $3000 USD and you complete your payment after you choose your date and time. 

If the dates + times aren't a good fit for you, then there are a few other options available right now. 

βœ… Join PBK. I am active every single day and we have weekly live calls designed for you to ask YOUR specific question and receive specific feedback for you. Providing individual answers is valued by me so while you are part of the membership, you'll also have opportunities for personalized attention.

βœ… FREE YouTube videos - I am always adding to the various playlists that I make and you can always make special requests. 

βœ… Use the PBKammunity Trello boards - these are all made for PBK members so they are exactly what I use when I build and create. 

When you're ready to book your Blitzbuild

βœ… Choose a day + time
βœ… Enter in your information
βœ… Open the confirmation email you receive to finalize your Blitzbuild and complete payment via Kajabi

⏰ You choose Day 1 via the calendar below. You don't need to choose Day 2 at all. I'll make sure you have the link and Day 2 is always the next day, 9-12 PM EDT. 

Can I book another 30-minute appointment?

No. The initial 30-minute Kajabi Help calls are designed to give you a personalized experience to see if you'd like to work with me on an additional project. 

Once you know you want to work with me, these are the ways that we can work together. 

βœ… Within PBK
βœ… Blitzbuild
βœ… Ongoing PBK-TA projects - these are available to completed Blitzbuild clients when a full Blitzbuild is not necessary. 

How do I use my credit from the initial appointment?

You can use the amount paid for your initial appointment towards any purchase from TamsenHorton.com

βœ… If you'd like to use your credit towards PBK, please send me an email and I will create a unique coupon code for you. 

βœ… To use your credit towards a Blitzbuild, send me an email and I will generate the coupon code you can use. 

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