First, choose Same Place Same Time (or synchronous as we're in the same place at exactly the same time) or Flexible Face-to-Face (or asynchronous as we're chatting when and where it's convenient for us). 

Same Place Same Time is the oh-so-familiar Zoom call or phone call. 

Flexible Convenience uses the Voxer app and allows you to have access to my brain and extensive experience in an asynchronous way. 

Will you build my Kajabi for me?

Will you build for me?

Yes, provided you are a PBK member.

PBK is now open to join 24/7/365 and is billed on a weekly rate of $30 USD.

The reason I only build for PBK members is that there are layers of strategy that go into any build of a digital service, product, course, coaching, membership, etc. and it’s not just build a landing page, build a home page, etc.

Knowing you and what you are attempting to bring out into the world is essential and I won’t waste your money or time by simply building a page that looks pretty (your page will still look pretty) - I build what I know converts sales and will do its part to simplify your life.

I’ve worked on average 10 hours weekly for over a decade while being the primary parent for 2 kids and all the responsibilities that go into that - I won’t build complex for anyone. I will build conversion with the strength of simplicity.

I build and I build well.

I know Kajabi better than Kajabi at this point simply because I’ve been using it as my primary business delivery technology since 2015 and I have to know how it works from the standpoint of running my own businesses on it.

Do you do FREE discovery calls?


If you are the least bit concerned about who I am, whether I know my stuff, or whether you want to work with me - please head to my YouTube channel and binge all you want there. 

My time is protected and I also protect your time.

You can see on any of my hundreds of video exactly who I am, how I explain concepts, and what my areas of expertise are.

P.S. If we do work together and you have free discovery calls in your sales funnel - it will be one of the first things that I investigate with you to make sure they need to stay and that they need to be free. …. spoiler alert 9/10 of my clients all find better for them ways of leveraging discovery calls so it’s a win-win and not at the expense of their time and financial bottom lines.

P.P.S. If you can’t book your lawyer, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, hair stylist, masseuse, kids soccer coach for free to see if you like them or not - then give your freebie calls a second thought.

Flexible Communication (Asynchronous)

Let's face it there are times where you just want to open your phone and send your question to me before you forget and then go right back to what you are doing. 

With Voxer (3rd party app) you can download here, if you don't already have it. Asynchronous access is delightful and powerful! 

Purchase 1 Week All-Access



To schedule time use the calendar below. You do need to set your timezone before Acuity (the calendar tool I use) will display the appointment times available. 

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