What happens if Kajabi breaks?

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What happens if Kajabi breaks?

But doesn't using Kajabi create a dependency on the platform? What am I going to do if Kajabi breaks?

So true. Just like if I had a physical business it would be dependent on the building and access into the parking lot (hello roadwork). If the pipes burst and flooded the space, I'd call the landlord and probably need to adjust how I was opening the business and servicing customers. 

Safety in Numbers

I resisted an all-in-one platform for four years because as a lawyer I was never comfortable with the terms or lack of being advertised with the all-in-one platforms between 2011-2015 (I for the life of me don't remember what was around and I had no idea that Kajabi was already there.) I did compare Kajabi v. Teachable and am incredibly happy having my forever internet home safely planted with Kajabi.

I do not have an 8-figure business, yet.

But there are many people that do and they have some or all of their business with Kajabi. And if anything happens with Kajabi I am headed to the beach.

All of the BIG BIG businesses on Kajabi are going to be all over Kajabi to fix whatever is going on and I have to add that since 2015 there hasn't been a Kajabi-caused issue. There was an issue with Amazon S3 and today (July 3, 2019 there is an outage that is affecting Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp).

When my site was hacked and went down before I was on Kajabi it was up to me to figure out how to fix it, pay the money to fix it, and deal with all the stress that happened ... NEVER AGAIN! I don't want that kind of responsibility and it's why I carefully chose Kajabi and they've not done anything to jeopardize the trust that I have in them.

For the price of Kajabi - it's the cheapest peace-of-mind I can buy. 

Good enough for Brendon Burchard, good enough for me.

With businesses far bigger than mine: Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield - all using Kajabi in part or all of their business. If anything happens, I know that they have Kenny's number on speed dial and are going to raise holy hell to get the issue fixed.

I also know most of the Kajabi team personally and the care that they take with our businesses is second to none. Kajabi has earned my trust and just like if I was a renter in a retail location and had forged a trusted relationship with my landlord - I have that relationship with Kajabi.

That is a relationship I never had with WordPress.

So if Kajabi breaks, my well thought out plan is head to the beach or maybe binge on Netflix but in no way shape or form am I going to need to stress about fixing anything and for that I can't say thanks enough to Kajabi!