Brand Like a Lawyer: When to SHARE Your Trademark with the World

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And this is your PBK power-up for Friday, May 31, 2019. 

What's the #1 action you take before building or creating on Kajabi?

For me, it always starts at the very beginning and that is with what am I going to call this? What brand is it going to live under? Do I have the domain? And all of those questions share one thing in common - trademark laws.

So I thought it appropriate to kick off a whole week devoted to helping you secure what you're building and creating with Kajabi - let's talk branding and trademarks and specifically S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer. Quick recap before we dive into #4 - silence, search, secure, and share.

Today we're diving into SHARE and specifically When is it safe to SHARE your name/brand

What do I mean by SHARE?

  • talking about your name publicly
  • putting the name out into the world for all to see
  • sending out those first pics on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

Why does it matter WHEN you SHARE?

  • If you haven't done a proper SEARCH and haven't properly concluded whether you need to SECURE your brand identifier or not, then you risk
  • committing trademark infringement,
  • having someone else take your great idea and use it because you skipped right over #1 - Silence;
  • not being able to get consistency across social media because the name is already taken,
  • having to publicly start all over;
  • in the best case if you share to early - you might waste some time having to get new accounts and a small amount of money depending on what you've invested;
  • in the worst case - you commit trademark infringement and have to hire a lawyer to defend you and still start all over and then come up with a whole new brand.

How to pull it off?

  • this is so easy.
  • just follow the S4 Branding method - silence, search, secure, and then share.
  • when done in this order you've set yourself up for watching your brand grow and have the legal teeth (if you need them) to stop others from running with your great idea.

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