How to set up a referral program without Kajabi's affiliate feature.

np2nyc team tech


How do I set up a referral or affiliate system in Kajabi?

When I don't want to or don't have Kajabi's affiliate features.

As I'm planning out my NP2NYC, one thing that was suggested was setting up a REFERRAL system so that: 
a) existing members/superfans can refer to new people, and
b) new people can let me know who referred them.

I'm not at a point of wanting to set up an affiliate system yet (Part a) ), but I would like to set up a way for new people to let me know who referred them (Part b) ).

Tamsen mentioned being able to send out thank you notes/Amazon gift cards.

What I need:
- a technical walkthrough on setting this up
- how do I get notified and track this?

The bottom line:
This needs to be really simple and quick to set up because I have a limited amount of time to work on it

How to set up a referral process with Kajabi's standalone pages

You're going to love how simple this is:

  1. Add a form or an assessment to a standalone/thank you page. The one that displays after a successful offer checkout.
  2. Add your email to notifications so that for each form or assessment submission, you or a team member are notified.

And that's it.

Simplify how you handle referrals and you give yourself the opportunity to amplify your results.

When you're ready, you can always upgrade to a different Kajabi plan that has affiliate features, or you may find that this process works great for you and stay with it!

Here's the done-for-you checklist to simplify Kajabi so you can amplify your message, results, and freedom.