Offers, Products, and Sales Pages: How they all fit together.

team tech

Offers = Baggies

  • You have unlimited offers with Kajabi. 
  • You can sell an empty baggie/offer whenever you want. 
  • You can put as many or as few products as you want into your baggie/offer. 
  • You can share the URL of the offer directly with people - a sales page is not required. 
  • You can also grant offers via automations. 

Products = lego and a block

  • A product is similar to a single lego piece or a book or a block. 
  • You can make a product as large or small as you want. 
  • Products must be inside a baggie/offer for anyone to be able to get access to them. 

Customers = little people

  • People buy our products by the baggie/offer we provide them. 
  • People are also paying for access to each other and to you. 

Sales pages = plastic bucket

  • Sales pages are created by using standalone pages.
  • Each page can hold whatever you want to put into or onto it. 
  • You can remove any items you place onto the sales page. 


No two people are ever doing exactly the same thing, so please ask any specific questions or concerns you have based on the facts and circumstances of what you are trying to accomplish.