Kajabi Tutorial Offer PLUS 3 Legal Tips You Must Know!

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Kajabi Tutorial Offers

When you are selling your solutions you want to make sure that you have offers put together correctly and legally zipped up. 

Step 1: Make a Kajabi Offer

Easily navigate from your Dashboard >> Products >> Offers and then either edit an existing offer or create a new offer. 

Step 2: Set Your Price + Legal Tip #1

In the purest sense, an offer needs two things: a price and purchase terms (and non-lawyers would probably even skip out on the purchase terms ... I cringe!)

When you are setting your price, this is the perfect time to add in your PURCHASE TERMS since you are dealing with being paid and any refund option you may offer. 

Step 3: Add Your Product + Legal Tip #2

Your content is your intellectual property and it is often said that our intellectual property is the oil of the 21st century and I'd totally agree. 

As you are adding in your product(s) or even for ghost offers (no product attached) make sure that your PURCHASE TERMS include the expectations that you have regarding

  • Who has permission to use your intellectual property
  • How they may use it
  • Where it can be used
  • And any other expectations that you have

Step 4: Add Your Communications

Once someone has purchased your offer, you'll want to communicate with them and now is the ideal time to make sure that your PRIVACY POLICY is displayed on your offer checkout footer menu. 

When people are providing their personally identifiable information to us we are required by data privacy laws to share with them: what information we are collecting, how we use it, where we store it, who has access to it, and other similar information. 

Before we collect their payment information we need to have our PRIVACY POLICY available for them to read, if they choose. 

Step 5: Roll out the red carpet thank you page. 

Once the purchase is complete you want to roll out the red carpet for your buyer by:

  • Confirming their purchase
  • Telling them what to do or expect next. 

This is how you set up a basic offer and there are many other steps to take care of when you are customizing offers, so please feel free to STEAL THIS checklist that I use myself anytime I'm making an offer or unlock the library of resources in the FREE Resource Library.