Kajabi Tutorial: Customizing Login, Library, and Store Pages

team tech

Step 1: Site pages are not the same as standalone pages. 

  • There are different types of pages on your Kajabi platform: site pages, standalone pages, and static pages. Pipeline pages are simply standalone pages that are linked together as a pipeline. 
  • The look of your site pages is determined by the theme that is live on your site. 

Step 2: Choosing a theme for your site pages. 

  • I recommend choosing the theme based on the Blog design you prefer. 
  • The Blog is driven by the theme that is active on your site (unless you have had custom code applied).
  • If you don't use the Blog feature, then I recommend choosing the site theme based on the Library layout that you prefer. 

Screenshot of whiteboard

  • Customize Login - this is the page that everyone goes through to get into their access point of the Library of products that they have with you. 
  • Customize Library - this is where your customers have access to the products that they have with your business. 
  • 🚫 Can you use one theme for the blog and a different one for the library? No. One theme is what is available for your site pages. So choose the theme and the area that is most important for you. For example, if the Blog is really important to you, then choose the theme that gives you the Blog aesthetic you want. 

❓ How can I add the font I want? ❓

  • I recommend choosing a base font and heading font that are available from Kajabi, so you don't need to import a custom font. 
  • When you have a graphic font you want, then use it as part of images on the site. 

❓ What happens if I want to change my blog theme? ❓

  • (28:00) Think of changing a theme similar to changing an outfit. All the parts that are similar between the themes transfer over and you need to update those parts that were not common between the themes. 

❓ How do I customize the Store (site page)? ❓

  • (36:00) You'll see us trying to figure out where Tania's sales pages (site sales pages) were pulling from ... we finally figured out that she had used site sales pages and not standalone pages for her sales pages. 

  • The Store is not a page you need to use any longer with Kajabi. 

  • (47:00) A standalone page, like Encore, works much better as the "store" because you can really customize the entire look and feel of your store. 

  • (55:00) To make sure that no one can get to our Site Store page you need to remove that link from your Navigation links. 
    • Website >> Navigation >> Update menus as needed

❓ How do I add CTA in the Library? ❓

  • Go to Website >> Design >> Library >> Customize
  • You want to choose the Hero block and then scroll all the way down to the bottom where you can add a Call to Action. 

❓ Why do you use standalone pages and not static pages? ❓

  • I use standalone pages and not static pages because I want all pages, even the boring ones, to work for me. 
  • I've added a contact form to all my "boring" pages since when people are wandering around, they typically have a question.  

❓ Questions? ❓

As you can see we covered all kinds of questions in this training. If you have any questions, please ask any time. I am happy to help.