How to Set-Up a Product-based Kajabi Membership Site

np2nyc team tech

How does a Kajabi membership site work?

I group Kajabi membership site models into two groups: product- or offer-based. 

Produced-based uses a single product to hold all the content you are providing to your members. Contrasted with the offer-based model which uses multiple different products to deliver the content you are providing to your members.

How do I set up my Kajabi membership site?

Make sure to click Unlock Your Superpowers because inside the PBK Visitors' Lounge there are 3 separate videos detailing setting up either a product or offer-based membership site. 

When you decide to use the product-based model, then you need to follow these steps. 

Set up a single Kajabi Product

I recommend using the Premier, Classic, or Momentum themes as they provide an enjoyable member experience when there is a high volume of content. 

When using a product-based model, you are choosing to place all of your content inside ONE single Kajabi product and you need the structure of the theme to help you provide a solid enjoyable experience to your members. 

Set up a Kajabi Offer for the Membership Site

Once you have your Kajabi product set up. Remember it doesn't need to be done. Then you can go and set up your offer. Here is the done-for-you offer checkout checklist

The offer checkout checklist guides you through each step so you don't accidentally overlook anything. Here are the main areas to keep in mind:

  1. Add the Kajabi Product you are using to hold the membership content to the offer.
  2. Choose the Recurring price option. (Just like access to your local gym). 
  3. Choose a set-up fee. (Just like an application fee)
  4. Choose a trial period. (If you want to do a paid trial, the set-up fee can be the price for the trial period).

Now it's time to create your Kajabi sales page

You can select a standalone page or use a pipeline for this purpose. Kajabi makes it so easy for us to simplify what we need to close the sale. I like using a pipeline, especially for new Kajabians, because the pipeline has emails associated with it. This allows you to create the nurturing process right along with the sales process. 

All you need to do is set all the CTA (call to action) to the Kajabi offer you created for your product-based membership site. 

  • Do you have a product based membership in Kajabi?
  • Are you thinking of starting one?
  • What questions do you have?