Kajabi Landing Pages with Assessments

team tech

In this video, we're walking through how to use Kajabi landing pages with Kajabi assessments as a powerful tool in your online business. Using Kajabi landing pages with an assessment, you can create an automated testimonial process, allow students and members to upload assignments for review, have a check-in process, and so much more.

🎉 This video is part of PBK's special bi-annual pop-up group that we run in April and September each year exclusively for Kajabians who want personalized attention as they are working on their businesses using Kajabi. As you can see this is a personalized experience as I listen to their questions and then walk them through a variety of business, legal, and Kajabi guidance to help them find the solution ideally suited for them.  

Step 1: What is the purpose your assessment needs to serve in your NP2NYC?

  • NP2NYC is a precise framework for clearly identifying and executing read magnets, lead magnets, intro offers, and main/core offers into a single, streamlined user experience to maximize sales conversions.

  • To build anything that can stand the test of time, you need a blueprint. NP2NYC is that blueprint tool for you. Quick and easy. Unforgettable and highly actionable.

  • What is your North Pole (read magnets, cold traffic)?

  • What is your Lead Magnet (optin)?

  • What is your Intro Offer (tripwire, lily pad)?

  • What is your NYC (core offer)?

Step 2: What do you need the assessment to do? 

  • The sky is the limit on what an assessment can do for you and here are a few of the ideas most often used.
  • Check-in for clients, customers, students
  • Upload assignments for you to review
  • Provide feedback on a call, course, experience
  • Create a way to collect testimonials
  • Provide a way for reservations for upcoming calls, experiences
  • What are you thinking you'd use your assessment for?

Step 3: Build or clone a standalone page or create a product post to hold the assessment. 

  • If you are placing your assessment on a page, then you need to either build a new page and add the assessment or clone a page and add the assessment. 
  • If you are using the assessment inside of a product, then you add a post and choose to add an assessment instead of a video to the post. 

Step 4: Take your assessment for a test drive.

  • Once your assessment is done, open an incognito window and test the experience. 
  • The incognito window gives you the experience without the admin cookie that you turned on when you were building. 

❓ Questions ❓

Please ask any time when you have questions or want to share an idea. Your facts and circumstances are unique and I'm always happy to help in any way that I can.