How do I go about trademarking my business?

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Updated 8/10/16

You have to know how to

  • run a trademark search,
  • where to file your application, and
  • who is going to handle the trademark registration in order to protect the name/brand that you're building your business around.

Massive benefits of knowing HOW to trademark your business

  • You stop stressing over "Is my name safe?" ~ You know that you're not committing trademark infringement, and you know HOW to make sure your own name/brand is on solid legal footing.
  • You know where to run a trademark search ~ no more mindlessly searching Google trying to figure out WHERE the legal information is that you need.
  • You know how to find the application ~ you know how to start it, save it, and submit it.
  • You know what you're comfortable doing ~ you can save money and time because you know what parts of the trademarking process you want to handle, and which ones you want to hand over to someone else.
  • You know what you're not comfortable doing ~ so you don't waste your time, money, and resources trying to learn how to do something you don't even want to be doing.
  • Knowledge is power - and when you know HOW to go about trademarking your business - you are basically protecting every single other aspect of your business.

Your next steps ...

ONE | Do you need to trademark?

You know that you need to register your name/brand that you're building a business around because if someone else with a similar business started to use your name/brand in their business that would be devastating to you. Work through this flowchart to help you decide IF you need to move forward with trademarking. This chart and others are available within the trademark guide below.

TWO | How will you run your trademark search and handle your application process?

Once you know that you need to file a trademark application to protect the name/brand that you are using to build your business around, then you need to decide whether a do-it-yourself approach or hiring a professional for some or all of the trademarking process is best for you. This chart and others are available within the trademark guide below.

THREE | Start the trademark process

If you discover that your next move is to protect the brand you are building your business around, then you need to start the official trademark process. Once you know your comfort level with the trademark application process, then you can decide what product or service is best for you.



Trademark 101 is a FREE

If you don't already have Trademark 101 in your library of resources, then click here and add it to your library. This mini-class will show you exactly

  • What a trademark is and isn't.
  • Why you need to protect the brand you're building a business around.
  • How the process works.
  • What you can do NOW in case someone pops up on social media with your name.
  • How to avoid committing trademark infringement with your own branding. 

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