Free Challenges Using Kajabi

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In this video, we walk through how to set-up a free challenge using Kajabi. To build a massive email list you need solid list building strategies and hosting a rinse-and-repeat free challenge over a few days is often an ideal lead magnet.

This video is part of PBK's special bi-annual pop-up group that we run in April and September each year exclusively for Kajabians who want personalized attention as they are working on their businesses using Kajabi. As you can see this is a personalized experience as I listen to their questions and then walk them through a variety of business, legal, and Kajabi guidance to help them find the solution ideally suited for them. 

Step 1: How does the free challenge you want to run fit into your NP2NYC?

  • NP2NYC is a precise framework for clearly identifying and executing read magnets, lead magnets, intro offers, and main/core offers into a single, streamlined user experience to maximize sales conversions.
  • To build anything that can stand the test of time, you need a blueprint. NP2NYC is that blueprint tool for you. Quick and easy. Unforgettable and highly actionable.
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets, cold traffic)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet (optin)?
  • What is your Intro Offer (tripwire, lily pad)?
  • What is your NYC (core offer)?

Step 2: Using a Kajabi Product to Deliver Your Challenge

  • While there are many other viable ways to deliver your content, delivering your content and using the Free Product Strategy is amazing!
  • Set-up a product (yes, even if you are on the Kajabi Basic Plan this is a great use of having a product make you money!). 
  • Then you enter in your content.
  • On all the content you want visible, set the post and category to published. 
  • On content that you don't want visible, set the post and or category to draft. I like to set the posts to published and the category to draft so that "turning on" all the content of that category is one click. 

Step 3: Use a Kajabi Event

  • There are many ways to use Kajabi Events and far too many to go into detail on this post but even using the event just for the ability to insert a countdown timer into the beautiful visual editor that Kajabi has is worth it!
  • We talked about using events in this other video on Setting Up a 5-Day Challenge with Kajabi we talked through a few different ways of using Events. 

Tips for Running a Free Challenge

  • Always, always, always go through your NP2NYC framework so you know exactly what purpose the challenge serves for you. Just cause you see a guru or a webinar doesn't mean it's a good idea for you. 
  • Limit automations until you've run the challenge 5 times without any fires. 
  • Use Kajabi Event and Email Broadcasts (scheduled) to send beautiful emails that you have analytics. 
  • Use a product to hold all the content. 

❓ Questions ❓

Please ask any questions you have based on your facts and circumstances. I am happy to help in any way I can.