Essential Kajabi Email Sequences and Automations

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Step 1: What is your NP2NYC?

  • You must know what your NP2NYC Flightplan is before you can begin to write and build email sequences or automations. 
  • What is your North Pole or your read magnet?
  • What is your lead magnet?
  • What is your intro offer?
  • What is your NYC offer? 

Step 2: Take a look at the NP2NYC Glossary

  • There are 10 different email sequences that form the essential infrastructure of supporting your subscribers as they convert to customers. 
  • Each sequence serves a specific function and the Glossary has everything laid out so you can see ideas for what you might have in each one. 
  • Even if you've purchased others' templates or systems - all of what we've learned from others can easily fit into the NP2NYC framework and when it does, if you've been struggling to make Kajabi work for you - suddenly the heavens part and you can start to see exactly what you need to do to hook up Kajabi to make it work the way you want it to. 

Step 3: Start to Understand HOW the Email Sequences Flow

  • ES Welcome LM
  • ES Nurture Welcome LM
  • ES Sales Intro
  • ES Nurture Sales Intro
  • ES Buyer Intro
  • ES Welcome NYC
  • ES Nurture Welcome NYC
  • ES Sales NYC
  • ES Nurture Sales NYC
  • ES Buyer NYC

Step 4: Begin Mapping Out Your NP2NYC Email Sequences using the Flightplan

  • CLICK HERE for the NP2NYC Flightplan. This is really just a worksheet to help identify what you want to begin writing out. 
  • Each email has one purpose, one CTA, written with one person in mind. 

Step 5: Build in Kajabi

  • Once you know your NP2NYC
  • Have your email sequences mapped out.
  • Then you are ready to start building in Kajabi. 
  • CLICK HERE to access the Trello checklists for building out the various pieces in Kajabi. 


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