AVOID HIDDEN Potholes on Your Kajabi Forms Settings

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Ever looked at your Kajabi Form submissions expecting to see 100 sign-ups only to see zero! You likely hit one of the HIDDEN POTHOLES on Kajabi Forms. In this video I’ll show you where the HIDDEN POTHOLES are and how to avoid them. Slow, detailed walkthrough for beginners and veterans alike. 

The video for this blog is at the bottom. You can scroll down to watch it or CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube. I've included the timestamps so you can move around easily. 


Avoid Hidden Potholes on Your Kajabi Forms Settings

00:00 Welcome

1:04 How to access PBK CHECKLISTS for this video

1:29 Pothole 1 Form Settings reCAPTCHA on Single Opt-in

3:42 Location of double opt-in on Kajabi Forms

5:54 Pothole 2 Form Settings Form Fields

7:18 Pairing Kajabi custom fields with Zapier

9:29 Checklist completion

10:41 Closed laptop life

Specific Steps for Forms Settings

This is the Settings: Forms section of the full Site Settings checklist that you are welcome to download anytime by CLICKING HERE. 

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Checklists are fantastic! There's a reason they are mandatory for pilots and doctors - miss a step and the consequences may be dire (really bad!). As a business owner a missed step can cost you one sale or thousands of sales - both in time and money. Get your hands on a trusted source and stop reinventing the wheel or in this case trying to remember all the steps! 

Checklists available here 



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