Copyright Free Background Music

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This information is provided for educational and informational purposes and is an excerpt from BIZLEBOX™ - the legal lunchbox for your PB&J. Since every single decision we make in our businesses has a legal impact point, make sure that you're talking with an attorney you know, like, and trust before acting on anything you read, hear, or see.

Can I play music while live streaming?
No. If you play music without the proper legal permissions you are committing copyright infringement.

But everyone else is doing it.
Yes, they are. And they are also breaking the law.

But I'm not making any money.
I know. But making money is not a requirement for copyright infringement to apply. Simply using content that is not yours (and that falls within the protections of the copyright laws) is all that it takes to commit copyright infringement.

But it's in the public domain.
Nope, it's probably not. There is very little copyrighted material actually within the public domain. And more than likely what you are playing in the background is NOT public domain music. Public domain music is large - old and very, very, very boring and dull.

But I want to play music.
I totally understand and there are ways that you can do so without placing yourself and the business that you are working so hard to build safely.

What do I do?
Here are two graphics that you can use to start navigating how music and copyright laws intersect each other. This is a complex area of the law; however, the price of using content illegally is high and expensive.


Do you have more information like this?

Yes, I do. This information is an excerpt of the copyright materials that are available in BIZLEBOX™. BIZLEBOX is one component of the #vacationinglife community.