Choose Your Metric Before Concluding that what You are Doing isn't Working

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And this is your PBK power-up for Saturday, June 8, 2019

What is your metric you use before deciding whether your pipeline is working?

Just this last week, I had four different people say, I"m going to run this webinar once and see if it works.

Ok. But running anything once cannot tell you if it's a success or not.

You see you need better numbers before you can make better decisions.

I'd suggest 20 as your metric when you are starting anything new.

  • Host a webinar 20 times before saying it doesn't work.
  • Sell a product 20 times before moving onto the next thing.
  • Do 20 1:1 calls before you know what your process is.

Now you can choose whatever metric you want but once isn't a metric. That's really just the emotional permission we give ourselves to say, "Hey I did it and it didn't work."

  • Would you rather have feedback 5 times or 288 times?
  • Would knowing 288 pieces of data be more helpful in making your decision than 5?
  • Would 29,000 pieces of data be more helpful than 288?

Don't worry I'll give you a story before you make that decision.

You see. I'm a type one diabetic and as such need to know my blood sugar levels all the time to know what's going on with my health. So I have this wonderful little device called a Dexcom g6 and it is attached to my body all the time giving me readouts of my blood sugars every 5 minutes. Before I had this device I would use a glucometer to prick my finger and find out my blood sugar 5 isolated times during the day. Depending on when I tested, I'd only know what my number was 5 times a day v. 288 individual readings that my Dexcom provides me every single day now. or 29,000+ over 90 days that it provides.

So would 5, 288, or 29,000 be more helpful to me? I'll tell you it's definitely not the 5!

As Kajabians, we have the best tool - Kajabi and thankfully they've made our lives so easy to create and deliver the best experiences for our customers but too many of us are testing once or five times and throwing in the towel or worse - rebuilding and then rebuilding, and then rebuilding.

  • What if instead, we set our metric when we set up our pipelines?
  • What if we wrote on the calendar our commitment to our metric?
  • What if we looked at all 29,000+ pieces of our business data and then made our decisions?

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