3 Simple Tasks to get Started with Kajabi when You Feel Stuck

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Hello and welcome!

It's Tamsen Horton from PBK the gathering place for preneurs worldwide. Those of us unlocking our superpowers and living our vacationing life using Kajabi. Lives and businesses we don't need to escape from. Giving us health, wealth, and family freedom.

And this is your PBK power-up for Sunday, June 9, 2019.

  • You absolutely know that there is a need for what you do.
  • You know that once you post your first video up things will start to progress, but for some reason and you're not sure why - you can't get started.
  • You know you're overwhelmed by the process of putting the actual video together or scared it won’t be perfect.
  • You also know that you can't go through one more year paying for but not using Kajabi.
  • You have to make at least on sale by December 2019!!!!! 

I think all of us have been at this spot or are in a similar spot.

Thinking ...

I can't get started.
I'm paying for Kajabi and I can't get started.
I know I want to do this but I can't get started.

Ok. I totally get it but a simple shift in what you start can often be the spark that gets the whole engine running.

Just this morning I was feeling totally meh. I had so many tasks and projects that needed my attention and I couldn't get the motivation turned on. And I'm someone who knows that motivation doesn't magically appear and quite often we need to create it.

I just couldn't get my head into my "work" game but I knew if I could just get something done that would build the momentum that I could use to ease myself into the work game.

So I'll share with you my process for sparking the motivation engine when it feels like you'll never get that Kajabi car out of the garage ...

Start by making your bed. Put your clothes away. Fold laundry. Empty the dishwasher. Mop your kitchen floor.

1. Start with basics that are around you.

Your mind doesn't know the difference between completing making a bed and completing a pipeline - it reads completion.

So you complete.

2. Turn on music, a podcast, or an audiobook that you enjoy while you are completing.

Listening to someone other than your own brain is key. I have a few go-tos that I put on and without fail within 30 minutes I have completed about 5 basic tasks and am feeling that motivation and inspiration.

3. Open your Kajabi results list.

That's right - not a to-do list but a results list.

What do you need to accomplish with Kajabi?
What needs to be completed first?

Start there. Start with the easy - just like making your bed. Maybe that is Going into the Settings and getting your favicon set, or adding in your custom colors so you can save 10 minutes every time you build something because they are already there for you.

That's it for today's PBK power-up. If you aren't yet a member of my free online community click Unlock Your Superpowers to gain free and immediate access to the PBK Visitors' Lounge. An experience that dives into various aspects of being a preneur who is crazy smart and choosing to build your health, wealth, and family freedom with Kajabi.

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow with a brand-new PBK Power-up!