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I learned so much listening to Dr. Kate and totally agree that as preneurs we tend to shrug off the early symptoms of stress invading our bodies and minds. 

I know that I would be shocked if I woke up tomorrow morning to find half of my email list unsubscribed, or half of my customers canceled, or 50 inbox messages telling me that something on my site wasn't working. And I think you like me would work to get to the bottom of what happened to cause such an issue and yet, we're constantly getting messages like these from our bodies and we're shrugging them off because we don't really know how severe they really are. 

What does stress look like? 

Stress shows itself in both physical and mental ways. 

Physical = heart racing, insomnia, weight gain

  • 8 Physical stress triggers - that happens in our bodies that trigger stress and Dr. Kate goes through each of these in her free starter kit. 
  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Dysbiosis - an imbalance of the microbiome (digestive system)
  • Caffeine
  • Histamine - body releasing a lot of histamines (hives, nose running)
  • Nutrient deficiency - not enough antioxidants our body can't quench free radicals
  • Overtraining - doing too much exercise
  • Gut inflammation
  • High fat %

Mental = brain fog, brain fatigue, loss of focus, inability to focus, feeling like your thoughts are slower than normal. 

  • Have you heard - it's just in your head?

Stress Management Tips

When we're faced with stress in ourselves and our businesses, we need solutions that are:

  • Time-efficient = you're already busy and don't need more added to your day or your team's day.
  • Clear = simple to understand, easy to implement, little to no instruction needed.
  • Vetted = from a trusted resource that delivers what it says it is going to do. 
  • Low cost or free = when you're in a stressful time, you likely have a strain on financial resources. 

The Stress Less Starter Kit

I can't stress this enough - every preneur needs to go through Dr. Kate's starter kit

  • Do you know the difference between a functional medicine approach to stress v. a conventional medicine approach? I sure didn't!
  • Did you know that the goal isn't to eliminate stress but instead to optimize our stress response? I sure didn't - goal adjusted!
  • Stress isn't just in our heads - thank goodness. 

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