PBK Spotlight: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Coach Jennie


Konnecting with Coach Jennie & Hilda

Coach Jennie and I had such a fun discussion on a topic that is foundational to all of us - getting in our own way and what to do about it. 

🗝 I'd love to introduce you to Hilda - the name that Coach Jennie has given to the human voice that is in our brains telling us we stink. 

🗝 I loved Hilda from the moment I met her because suddenly it was practical and an idea I could hold onto v. the lizard brain or inner critic that always felt so overwhelming to me. 

🗝 What I really appreciate knowing so well now is that when I'm about to do anything great - Hilda likes to get loud and that's ok. I'm just going to shorten the amount of time she gets to have the floor.