Kajabians: Practicalities of Your ICE Plan


Creating your practical ICE map

I used my iPad to quickly sketch out what I needed and you'll hear mentioned on this episode. 

Before you dive into this week's practicalities - if you haven't yet listened to the other episodes, take the time to start at the beginning because all of this makes way more sense!

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On your sheet of paper:

  • Put yourself in the center.
  • Add all the people in your life that need a message from you in the event that you are unresponsive or die. 
  • Record these messages in the next 48 hours. (A great accountability task for your mastermind.)
  • Use a tool like lastpass.com to store all your usernames and passwords that you create and use on a daily basis. 
  • Use a tool like loom.com to make quick videos that would help someone else quickly and easily step into your shoes. 
  • Decide where to store the "start here" instructions: family command center, glovebox in your car, copy with passport documents. 

Take care of BLKOUT with PBK

The wonderful beauty of my law degree, experience in estate planning, and robust knowledge and experience of running my own businesses with Kajabi is that I can help you take care of business, legal, and Kajabi when the lights go out. 

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