Protecting Your Energy and Nurturing Creativity with Doreca Delbridge as You Build an Online Business

protecting your energy nurturing creativity

PBK member, Doreca Delbridge, joined me to share about her entrepreneurial journey on the PBKast and you'll find her stories beautiful and inspiring. I am still swimming in all the wisdom and metaphors that hit me when she shared with me her new offering, The Baobab Experience, named after the Baobab tree. A tree in Africa that you need to hear Doreca tell you about ... 

00:00 Welcome

2:34 Meet Doreca

2:57 What has been one of the most impactful experiences in Doreca's entrepreneurial journey? 

  • having her two children
  • her strong family values

5:32 Challenges that Doreca has faced while on her entrepreneurial journey. 

  • new phases of life mean learning new skills
  • mastering one thing and then pivoting and expanding into another area
  • resisting the urge to follow the experts when the advice and instructions are not in alignment with her strong family values

9:13 How Doreca prepares for the shifting of seasons in her business. 

  • managing and being aware of her creative cycles
  • how important understanding her seasons is within her business
  • the season impacts the to-dos in the business
  • specific days, specific tasks, based on the season
  • 11:48 As entrepreneurs we're basically weather people

12:48 Effortless by Greg McKeown - aligns well with how Doreca talks about how she really focuses on protecting her energy while nurturing her creativity. 

14:30 The dangers of trying to implement exactly how the person you are learning from when you have no clue the surrounding facts and circumstances that their advice is coming from. 

  • 16:29 learning how to tease out the essence of the advice and implement it in a way that works for your seasons of life. 

18:34 Strong role models that are part of Doreca's journey

  • her kids and how they support and cheer her on in very specific ways
  • her mom and help with mindset
  • 21:00 The importance of having others who understand what you are going through.

23:00 The Babobab Experience that Doreca has created for others. 

The tree of life - amazing seasons. It grows in dire seasons. Only receiving rain in about 3 months of the year where it soaks up the rain and preserves the water for itself but also allows the village people to tap into it for their water. 

What would happen if the Baobab tree would compare itself to an evergreen tree?

26:00 Doreca shares about how important it is to tap into the way that works best for us and not copy-n-paste the strategies from people that we look up to - in the same way that the Baobab tree has its amazing seasons. 

I love what Doreca has carefully and intentionally created for creatives in her Baobab Experience! Protecting our energy. Protecting our creativity. Both are so HUGELY important as that is what makes up the essence of our business.

30:00 The similarities I know and see between Doreca's Baobab tree and PBKer Shalon Ironroad book The Tale of Little Tree.

 We all need a community - a place where others know what we're going through and are aligned with similar values so we can support each other in the best ways. 

You can't take you out of the experience.

32:00 Understanding the emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness of a person and bringing that into your business. 

Doreca's The Baobab Experience brings so many of the vitally important pieces into a beautiful community to nourish and protect each of us as creatives. 

I encourage you to connect with Doreca. She is one of the purest gems you will find in life. 

Best way to connect: [email protected]


The Baobab Experience: