Kajabi Entrepreneur Stories of Inspiration from a Physical Therapist at her Puerta Vallarta Vacation Home!

Kajabi Entrepreneur Stories of Inspiration


Kajabi Entrepreneur Stories of Inspiration in this Kajabi Hero PBK author interview of a physical therapist interview sharing entrepreneur stories of inspiration and stories of failure and success. Be Well Stay Well® is open for business using Kajabi to deliver pilates on demand, pilates online training, and pilates online program with a Kajabi membership site.

00:00 Welcome

1:20 Ada’s Kajabi site behind the scenes.

3:05 What’s working now for Ada in her business. 

4:51 How Ada developed pilates teacher training for pilates instructors. 

6:30 How COVID-19 changed Ada’s bricks-n-mortar business. 

9:15 Ada’s unique application of an affiliate business model. 

13:06 What Ada is excited about now. 

17:50 PBK’s role in Ada’s business. 

20:25 How Ada uses Kajabi products for her guest instructors. 

25:35 Ada’s words of wisdom for you and your business. 

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