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Training Wheels

  • Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? 
  • Read a book?
  • Write your letters?
  • Build a sales funnel?
  • Write a sales page?

We all started with basic skills and as our confidence built up and our skill set increased, then we were able to conquer advanced skills.

Training Wheels is all about learning and enjoying Kajabi at your own speed. There's not a better set of tools to help you with your online business but sometimes the learning curve feels steep and you just need some help.

That's why I made Training Wheels. I don't want to take over and do the tasks for you because I want you to have the confidence to "ride" Kajabi all by yourself! I want you to be able to:

  • Go from idea to sign-up page in a few hours,
  • To build your own product effortlessly,
  • To know how to edit a contract purchase terms so you are safe and secure selling online,
  • To know how to set up the exact pipeline you need, when you need it

I'm all for independence when it comes to Kajabi. Then even when/if you want to hire additional help - you are educated about what you are hiring for and are able to quickly find the right person with the right skill set for your needs.


Ready to simplify business, legal, and Kajabi? 

Ready to be on the beach without your laptop because your work is done? Ready to really only work that couple of hours a day? Good because around here we simplify while we protect what matters most. Love to have you join in.