Learn how to actually build your courses using the various product themes.

Finding YouTube videos are great but not detailed enough to help you figure out how to really customize the course you are creating.

The beauty is you can do anything you want with your theme.

The beast is you can do anything you want with your theme.

Your content looks amazing in New Kajabi but there are so many choices and questions that come up as you are trying to put in your own images, changing your colors, editing sidebars, and why, oh why does that silly instructor image not hold your changes???

Themextreme is a single product that has instructions on how to customize and strategize all of the website, product, and landing page themes currently available from New Kajabi.

I geek out on all that is design and strategy and see how easily a quick 3-minute video could bring tears of joy and end the last 5 hours of frustration - I knew I had to bring Themextreme to life.

If you want an easy way to customize each theme that you are using today and those you want to use next - then Themextreme has exactly what you need to save sanity, time, and money. 



Steal all my secrets ... 

Go from feeling like you're 10 steps behind at the end of every day to feeling like you have all the time in the world to finish what needs to be done and with time left over ...