"Kajabi pipelines are incredible and Tamsen's course about them is incredible. The way her brain works is incredible!." JoAnn Krall

Beautiful! Where has this workbook been?

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Fairy Godmother

"Seriously, I have been working on this all morning and poof! like the Fairy Godmother there you are! #grateful." ~ Carmel D'Arienzo | Ignite Your Inner Italian

Kajabi as a Verb

"Tamsen knows all the things Kajabi! I have NO idea how I would Kajabi without her. yeah, I just used Kajabi as a verb." Coach Jennie | Author of Hilda The Book

Fast Track Use of Kajabi

"There's so much you need to know - but basically you're getting on the fast track to using New Kajabi and also seeing and learning new ways that it works with Tamsen." ~ Michelle Cornish | Author, Keep More Money

Sabrina Teekah

I had no hesitation about buying Pipeline Power. I knew I had to implement this and I like to understand the big picture and then the details so you’re helping me do that. What I liked best is I like the way I feel like I’ve known you forever.

You’ve created a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere where you’re talking tech but you’re also talking to me as I’ve known you forever and I love that. I’d absolutely recommend you! You’re a good teacher and you have a way of taking a large concept that is complicated and breaking it down into simple step-by-step tasks.

The most important thing anyone should know about you is that you freely share information and one of the things that really attracted me to your message and your teaching is I hate all the focus on emails, so your teaching really resonated with me. And you’re teaching me about Messenger bots - you rock! You’ve educated me on a tool that I thought should exist but didn’t know about and for that I am forever grateful!


Maps, manuals, and checklists are what I create best.


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Last Little Bit ...

If that "ugh ... I'm not sure if I want to hand over my email" had kicked in.

"Thank you for not emailing me. It is so refreshing to see someone upleveling how they communicate and changing an industry." Kathy Price