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3 Simple Tasks to get Started with Kajabi when You Feel Stuck

Hello and welcome!

It's Tamsen Horton from PBK the gathering place for preneurs worldwide. Those of us unlocking our superpowers and living our vacationing life using Kajabi. Lives and businesses we don't need to escape from. Giving us health, wealth, and family freedom.

And this is your PBK power-up for Sunday, June 9, 2019.

  • You absolutely know that there is a need for what you do.
  • You know that once you post your first video up things will start to progress, but for some reason and you're not sure why - you can't get started.
  • You know you're overwhelmed by the process of putting the actual video together or scared it won’t be perfect.
  • You also know that you can't go through one more year paying for but not using Kajabi.
  • You have to make at least on sale by December 2019!!!!! 

I think all of us have been at this spot or are in a similar spot.

Thinking ...

I can't get started.
I'm paying for Kajabi and I can't get started.
I know I want to do this but I can't get...

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Kajabi Math Souped-up Mercedes for the Price of a Stripped-down Civic


Why is Kajabi so expensive?

Have you heard this:

  • "I'm thinking about Teachable."
  • "Kajabi is too expensive."
  • "Must be nice to be able to afford to use Kajabi."
  • "I'd love to get Kajabi but it's too expensive."

If you've said one of those sentences to yourself or overheard a friend saying it from within the digital halls that we all wander around daily - give me a chance to show you why Kajabi is too expensive is a myth. 

Kajabi is the most affordable purchase for your online business.

How many transactions are you making in your business?

Take a look at last year's tax return or the previous month's expenditures - what are you spending adding up all the tools you need to operate your business. 

  • I thought about making you a fancy worksheet - you don't need one. I do have this one that is what I use as a general worksheet and am happy to share it with you. 
  • I thought about giving crazy guided instructions - you don't need them. 
  • Here's what you do...
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It's NOT about balance at all.

The personal and professional lives of small business owners are oftentimes so intertwined that it's hard to set boundaries and find balance. I'd like to offer a few thoughts on how you can work to find a work/life balance.

First off there's no point in using the word "balance."

It's totally misleading to small business owners. Just hearing the word balance makes me think of a balance beam (I could totally fall off of) or scales of justice (someone is going to lose), or a teeter-totter (who doesn't love the teeter-totter?)

So as a small business owner I take the teeter-totter approach because afterall it's a piece of play equipment and I think showcases what modern-day balancing is truly about: up and down, equally weighted on each side, and you don't stay on it all day and night.

Now I didn't arrive at my "balance theory" overnight, hardly, it's been five years of struggling, thinking, revising, and reinventing what it means to me to live a life that I love and run a small...

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